Oct 252012

The first crystal figurine in the Swarovski SCS “Fabulous Creatures” trilogy was the Swarovski Unicorn.  The Unicorn is a mystical creature, the 1st non-natural figurine that Swarovski has produced for an SCS figurine.  The purpose of the Swarovski Unicorn Box  is to safely protect the crystal figurine while it is not on display.

The SCS Unicorn is the first SCS figurine to be ‘double-boxed’.  The crystal Unicorn is situated in a white box, containing the SCS logo. This white box has a fuzzy green plastic liner form-fitted to the Unicorn.  The white box measures 7” x 7” X 3”.  The white box is placed into a larger box, held in place by foam glued to the outer box, that is approximately 10” x 10” x 4 ½”.  On the 4 sides of the box, in 11 different languages, the text states” Annual Edition 1996 “Fabulous Creatures” – The Unicorn. The Fabulous Creatures Unicorn Box (meaning the set of 2 boxes) can be found using reference # DO1X961B, which was originally used in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Price Guide.  There does not appear to be a factory-assigned identification number printed anywhere on the box, inside or outside.

Swarovski SCS Fabulous Creatures Unicorn Box from 1996

Swarovski SCS Unicorn Box (Complete Packaging)

In the photo, #1 is the inner Swarovski Box for the Unicorn.  #2 is the outer Unicorn Box.  #3 shows the SCS Unicorn placed in the inner box (with the fuzzy green insert), which is located inside the padded outer box.  The slot on the left side of the outer box is to hold the Unicorn Certificate in place.

The SCS Unicorn Box is not presently available at Crystal Exchange America; It would be in the Empty Boxes category.  Previously, the SCS Unicorn packaging (includes both boxes) has sold in the $40 – $100 price range.  Collectors should use care when purchasing the Unicorn in the online auctions or after-market sales agents that they are indeed getting all original packaging, and not simply the inner box.

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