Mar 042015
Savvy Jewelry by Swarovski

Swarovski Savvy Jewelry Logos


About a year ago, Crystal Exchange America took in a Swarovski crystal collection for consignment.  There was a good bit of jewelry in the collection, including a few Swarovski Savvy pieces.


There’s really not much known about the Swarovski Savvy product line.  I decided to  peruse through Amazon and Ebay to see what I might learn.   Amazon did not show any Swarovski Savvy jewelry offerings.  On the other hand, there were 150+ Swarovski Savvy products that appeared in the Ebay search results.


I found Swarovski Savvy Necklace items, Swarovski Savvy Bracelet items,  Swarovski Savvy Earrings, Swarovski Savvy Pins, Swarovski Savvy Brooches, and Swarovski Savvy Pendants.  To my surprise, a lot of the Savvy Jewelry on Ebay still had original merchandise tags.


From various product descriptions and a bit of other research, It appeared that the Swarovski Savvy line was sold mostly in department stores,  like Dilliards (who has also sold some Trimlite-like figurines).  And  I did notice that many original tags indicated “Swarovski full lead crystal”.


Swarovski used a number of different text fonts and styles during its limited production years in the 1990s.  And it seems that Savvy was not trademarked, possibly due to its short lifespan?

Crystal Exchange America has put some of Swarovski Savvy Jewelry necklaces and earrings on Ebay . If you love to bid and win, check them out on Ebay.  If you prefer the buy-it-now style for purchasing, the very same Swarovski Savvy Jewelry is available in our online store.

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