Dec 022010

Swarovski has provided its SCS members a sneak preview into a “Good Luck” series that will soon launch.  Swarovski’s delightful figurines, “Lucky Gifts”, should have a global appeal, embracing many cultures and their symbols for “good luck”.

Per the sneak peek on the Swarovski site, I found five Swarovski Lucky Gifts:  Swarovski Lucky Cat – this crystal gift represents Japanese tradition; Swarovski Lucky Clover – a world-wide symbol of good luck; Swarovski Lucky Elephant;  Swarovski Lucky Dragon – this gift inspired by Chinese tradition; and Swarovski Lucky Lady Bird – a crystal ladybug that is also a multi-cultural symbol of luck.

The article did not make any obvious reference to the size or the Swarovski product line they will be a part of.  I was a bit surprised when I read that they will each come in a blue velvet pouch with a gift card.  I can’t help but wonder why the items would not be sold in the popular blue Swarovski box or cylinder with an accompanying Swarovski certificate.  A cost savings measure for Swarovski collectors?  Or perhaps the pouch and gift card are in addition to the standard packaging?

These Swarovski Lucky Gifts are quite cute!  They remind me of the colored figurines: Swarovski Lovlots.  Color pictures are on the company web site for Swarovski collectors who want more information about them.

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