Jul 102011

The Kristall Buzz, a blog on Swarovski Crystal, has launched its third YouTube video, this time featuring the Swarovski Lovlots in a different location. Take a look!

Mr McLovlots initially has 5 cows, 2 ducks, 3 sheep, and then adds 5 more cows.  His first Swarovski cow family features:

Mr McLovlots’ duck family consists of

  • Swarovski Lily and Luke, introduced 2009 and still current

Mr McLovlots’ sheep family includes

  • Swarovski Shady, Limited Edition 2006
  • Swarovski Y2B, introduced 2006 and retires 2011

And in the end, Mr McLovlots adds a 2nd cow family to his farm herd:

The Swarovski figurines: Missy Mo and Y2B are two of the crystal figurines from the Swarovski Lovlots Pioneers.  They are both clear crystal collectibles.

Lily and Luke are full-color members of the Swarovski City Park group.

Shady (sheep) and the following Swarovski Cows: Pinky Mo, Soccer Mo, Flower Mo, Halloween Mo, Country Mos, Glamour Mos, and Sunshine Mo are all Swarovski Lovlots Special Editions.  These Swarovski Limited Editions are/were only produced for a specific calendar year.

The Swarovski designer Edith Mair is credited for all the cute Swarovski crystal creations cast in the Swarovski McLovLots farm video.

If you are creating your own Swarovski farm, nearly all the featured cast members are available in the Crystal Exchange America store:   www.CrystalExchange.com .  Simply go to the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ or ‘Lovlots & Zodiacs’ category to see the crystal pieces presently available with current pricing.

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