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Swarovski has produced figurines under many different product lines.  In the 1980’s and early in the 1990’s Swarovski North America was far more independent from Swarovski in Austria.  For this reason, there are a number of figurines and product lines that were available in North America or even the USA that were not available anywhere else in the world.  And on the flip side, there were “European” pieces that were not made available to USA/North America.

One such product line that existed in the USA only was called “Julia’s World”.  The Swarovski Julia’s World line was based on a story written by Julia Limpke (book authored by Kathleen Ann Boluch).   The book’s copyright is 1990 by Swarovski America Limited (abbreviated SAL)

I challenged my daughter to read the Julia’s World Story Book: Better Times and provide her opinions of the characters that surround Julia.  Following is my daughter’s summary of the book and characters….

  • The book setting is in the mountains, at the onset of a war.  It could be in the 1930’s or 1940’s
  • Lena is about 12 years old.  She is hard-working, but is also sick a lot.
  • Julia is about 8 years old.  She is caring and hard-working.
  • Pepi is about 6-7 years old.  He is humorous and adventurous.
  • Sali is about 5 years old.  She enjoys singing and playing.
  • Mopsy is a fun, mischievous dog.
  • Marian is a young toddler, perhaps 1-2 years old.  (Marian is the sleeping baby figurine) Here’s a SURPRIZE….Marian is a baby boy!  I think that Swarovski collectors naturally assumed that Marian is a baby girl since Marian is generally a girl’s name, but now that myth has been busted!

Swarovski took some of the characters in the Julia’s World book, and created frosted figurines. All are generally about 2.5” tall, and retailed $29 – $55 when they were available for purchase 1990 through 1992.

Swarovski Crystal Julia's World figurines and book

Swarovski Julia's World Crystal Figurines

  1. Lena and Pepi on a Bench – 9540NR000007
  2. Pepi and Mopsy – 9540NR000008
  3. Julia – 9540NR000011 (my daughter notes that the doll she is holding was a gift from her Uncle when he departed for the war)
  4. Lena with Lute – 9540NR000030
  5. Julia with Mandolin – 9540NR000031
  6. Sali with Accordion – 9540NR00003
  7. Pepi with Drum – 9540NR000009
  8. Marian – 9540NR000010
  9. Sali – 9540NR000012
  10. Julia’s World Story Book – 9460NR000052

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