Dec 072010

Swarovski has provided its SCS members with a sneak peak of the 2011 Limited Edition Dumbo. Swarovski Limited Edition Dumbo is the fourth limited edition of the Swarovski Disney line.

The first Swarovski Disney Limited Edition was Tinkerbell in 2008. The second Swarovski Disney Limited Edition was Sorcerer Mickey in 2009. Mickey Sorcerer was available in two sizes, large and small. The third Swarovski Disney Limited Edition was Pinocchio 2010.

The 2011 Limited Edition Dumbo is not the only Swarovski Dumbo has been produced. Swarovski made crystal Dumbo figurines for the Arribas stores in Disney World and Disneyland in 1987 and 1988. These Dumbo elephants looked teddy-bear-like in the design. Some variations of Dumbo even had frosted tusks. In 1990, Swarovski made another Dumbo figurine wearing a clear hat for Arribas with large flying ears and black eyes. The 1990 Dumbo was produced for only one year. In 1993, Swarovski made another Dumbo figurine wearing a frosted hat for Arribas with large flying ears and baby blue eyes. This Dumbo with blue eyes was available for approximately three years.

Swarovski 1993 Dumbo

Arribas brothers had a Jeweled Dumbo creation available from 2002 – 2005. This Limited Edition Dumbo had a maximum production of 5,000 units. Each Dumbo included a certificate with a unique number on it. The Arribas Dumbo had inlaid Swarovski crystal pave stones.

Arribas Limited Edition Dumbo (max 5000 figurines)

If you like Dumbo, check out the Swarovski Dumbo figurines that Crystal Exchange America has available. If you’re simply Swarovski crystal fanatics, get ready to purchase this new limited edition piece that should be available online as of January 4, 2011.

Dec 062010

This is the time of year when Swarovski Ornaments are most popular on the secondary market and Ebay auctions.  The current Swarovski 2010 ornament is available as well as very old, hard-to-find, and rare ornaments.

Presently, there is a rare Swarovski Ornament on Ebay:  the 1996 Cadillac Ornament.  The 1996 Cadillac Ornament is a teardrop-shaped Swarovski crystal, customized for the Cadillac company.  It has a Christmas tree etching in the middle.  Below the etching is the word “Cadillac”, and the feature year 1996.  This ornament is in a green box, with a velvet-like lining on the inside.

1996 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament

1996 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament

1996 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament Packaging and Paperwork

1996 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament Packaging and Paperwork

I did find other Cadillac ornaments in addition to the 1996 Swarovski Cadillac ornament on Ebay.  1998 and 1999 Cadillac ornaments were listed, but closed at ‘unsold’.  From my research, I found even more:  1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000.  All the Cadillac ornaments I found utilize the teardrop crystal.  The 1997 Swarovski Cadillac ornament features a snowman in the etching. The 1998 Swarovski Cadillac ornament features bells in the etching.  The 1999 Swarovski Cadillac ornament features a wreath etching.  Lastly, the 2000 Swarovski Cadillac Ornament features a penguin in the etching.  All ornaments contain the word Cadillac, with the issue year below.  All are packaged in similar green boxes, with red interior.

The same Swarovski Crystal teardrop component was used for the 1984 Swarovski Ornament, 1987 Swarovski Ornament, 1989 Swarovski Ornament, and some 1986 Swarovski Holiday Etchings.  The 1987 ornament displays at candle.  The 1989 Ornament displays a dove and the teardrop crystal is framed by gold-tone metal in the shape of Christmas tree.  The 1986 Holiday Etchings display bells, angels, holly, mistletoe, and other designs.  These 11 Holiday Etchings are among the rarest of Swarovski Ornaments.

All these Swarovski ornaments mentioned here (from the 1980’s) have the year etched below the feature design.  They were all released by Swarovski by their “Giftware Suite” division, so they were only available in the USA at the time of production.

Some of these Swarovski Ornaments can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site.  If you have one of these and wish to sell, now is the time to do it with Swarovski crystal fanatics collectors naturally looking at this time of year.

Dec 052010
Swarovski’s weekend special is the Swarovski Limited Edition Flower Heart Pendant.  As per advertising several weeks ago, it should have had a maximum production of 500 units. This pendant featured a silver colored chain and setting.  Four heart-shaped light amethyst crystals were set in a floral design. (The Swarovski system number is 183011.)
Swarovski has been doing weekend events since mid-November selling limited edition jewelry.  I noticed that the past two events ended on Sunday evenings as advertised, and it appeared that the limited edition issues were still available for purchase.
Today (Sunday) when I checked the Swarovski Limited Edition Flower Pendant, it appeared that the item has sold out!  All 500 necklace pendants gone!
Swarovski crystal fanatics should be on the lookout for the final limited edition online exclusive to become available December 10: the Swarovski Limited Edition Heart Parcel Pendant .  Be sure to share the link with that special someone if this Swarovski Limited Edition is on your wish list.

Dec 022010

Swarovski has provided its SCS members a sneak preview into a “Good Luck” series that will soon launch.  Swarovski’s delightful figurines, “Lucky Gifts”, should have a global appeal, embracing many cultures and their symbols for “good luck”.

Per the sneak peek on the Swarovski site, I found five Swarovski Lucky Gifts:  Swarovski Lucky Cat – this crystal gift represents Japanese tradition; Swarovski Lucky Clover – a world-wide symbol of good luck; Swarovski Lucky Elephant;  Swarovski Lucky Dragon – this gift inspired by Chinese tradition; and Swarovski Lucky Lady Bird – a crystal ladybug that is also a multi-cultural symbol of luck.

The article did not make any obvious reference to the size or the Swarovski product line they will be a part of.  I was a bit surprised when I read that they will each come in a blue velvet pouch with a gift card.  I can’t help but wonder why the items would not be sold in the popular blue Swarovski box or cylinder with an accompanying Swarovski certificate.  A cost savings measure for Swarovski collectors?  Or perhaps the pouch and gift card are in addition to the standard packaging?

These Swarovski Lucky Gifts are quite cute!  They remind me of the colored figurines: Swarovski Lovlots.  Color pictures are on the company web site for Swarovski collectors who want more information about them.

Dec 012010

As soon as the Christmas rush is over, Swarovski is already thinking about the next holiday….Valentine’s Day!  In late December, Swarovski is launching an online exclusive limited edition apparently with the early shoppers in mind.

The Limited Edition feature product is a Swarovski Pen and Notebook Set.  The commencement date for this online event is December 27, 2010.  As with all other Swarovski online shopping events, it is limited to 22 countries, which do include USA and Canada.

The Swarovski Crystal exclusive is a little pink notebook (4.1 x 5.8 inches) and a Crystalline Ballpoint Pen.  The pen sounds pretty, especially if you like pink.  It contains 150+ sparkling vintage rose crystals and has “Swarovski” engraved on the clip.

There is no mention of the price on the Swarovski Limited Editions, nor how many sets are available.  While I’m not willing to speculate on the cost, I do know that Swarovski produces pens in many colors with a price point of approximately $20 – $24 each.  So add in a notebook, the “limited edition” factor, and shipping charges to come up with your own guess.