Jan 142011

This evening I came across a Swarovski video on one of the company websites, http://www.swarovski.tv/.   Excited to have found it, I quickly started watching it.

Straight to the point, I felt the Swarovski video was confusing.  I read on the Swarovski site what the video is supposed to represent, their 115 year heritage, but I simply didn’t get it.

I did find a web site that goes more into depth about the storyline of the video.  Being “artisitically challenged” about the spot, I was pleased to find it broken down into something more understandable at Luxury Daily.

While I did find a number of positive comments on the internet, I still don’t care for the video.  I hope that if Swarovski does more videos, that they are light, bright, sparkly, happy, and that the plot/theme is more clear.

Jan 132011

I found a FREE app on the iPad that has a preview of, Swarovski Crystal Palace – The Art of Light and Crystal, by teNeuse:  Swarovski iPad App.  This Free eBook, and is available in both German and English versions.  It previews Nadia Swarovski’s design project and includes 25+ pages, music, pictures, and a video clip.

This Swarovski book was released as a hardback book in December, 2010. It is about the Swarovski Crystal Palace that launched in 2002.   In a single sentance summary, the book highlights the Crystal Palace, the architecture and design, the designers, and their philosophies.

The full version (in an eBook) of Swarovski Crystal Palace – The Art of Light and Crystal for the iPad is also available on iTunes.  A promotional price of approximately $20 is valid until February 1, 2011.  It is $5 higher after the promotion ends.

Swarovski Crystal Palace Book

And of course there is a hardback edition of Swarovski Crystal Palace – The Art of Light and Crystal. This Swarovski book has over 200 pages, with over 200 color photographs and over 90 black and white photographs.  Swarovski has promotional information at their web site on the Swarovski Crystal Palace book.  It retails for approximately $95 USD.

So, Swarovski crystal fanatics, this just might be another reason to purchase an iPad!  (Can you tell that I want one!!!)

Jan 122011

The Swarovski Designers of crystal figurines are amazing….the natural talent that they possess, the desire to be a part of the process creating the crystal designs, their inspiration.

Swarovski has launched over 2500 figurines under various product lines, including Silver Crystal, Crystal Memories, Trimlite, Paradise, Disney, and others.  While many of the figurines are credited as a ‘team’ design (meaning that a group of people are given credit for the creation), many others are credited directly to a single designer.

I’m presently aware of about 65 designers credited exclusively for creation of figurines.  This list can be found on the RetiredSwarovski.com web site:  Swarovski Designers.  This listing of Swarovski designers was recently updated.  It now also includes links to the designer profiles on Swarovski’s web site so that Swarovski crystal fanatics can get more information about what makes these designers tick.  Swarovski also has a link to a PDF containing all figurines by the designer.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new Swarovski creations for 2011…..kudos to those Swarovski designers with all the talent!

Jan 112011

Recently, I learned that you can view the Swarovski Database of Crystal by Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on the iPad!

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal has been publishing books on Swarovski figurines since 1994.  In 2000, they put their Swarovski Database online at http://www.wbrbonline.com/  and incorporated it into a subscription-based service that allows Swarovski Crystal collector users to run queries to access the same information as their printed books at virtually half the cost.  Subscribers can view Swarovski Name, Swarovski Part Number, Swarovski System Number, Swarovski Designer, MSRP, ERV (better known as the Swarovski Value for insurance purposes), dimensions, Swarovski Introduction Date, Status (year retired or current), which Swarovski Logos are on the figurine, and a paragraph of information on the crystal piece.

Within the past month, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books has put their online subscription services to the test on one of the newest computing platforms available….the Apple iPad.  The web site passed with flying colors.  Users found the WBRBOnline subscription service to the Swarovski database to be easy to use and easy to view.  Using the iPad to view the database of 2800+ Swarovski figurines was just like using the computer, but the benefits of having the iPad meant that the Swarovski database is available for use anywhere there is an internet connection!  I would imagine that the same may hold true for ‘smart phones’, but do think that the smaller screens on phones could provide challenges with reading the smaller text.

Swarovski Database available at http://www.wbrbonline.com/

This is great news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who may have gotten the Apple iPad for Christmas.  If not, perhaps this new information is enough to justify purchasing a new toy….the Apple iPad.

Jan 062011
About a month ago, Swarovski SCS members received a sneak preview of a 2011 Limited Edition figurine….the Swarovski Dumbo.  Now, it has launched in the online Swarovski store.
Swarovski Limited Edition Dumbo for 2011
Swarovski Dumbo is 4th in line of the Swarovski Disney collaboration of  limited edition crystal figurines.  Swarovski Tinkerbell launched in 2008.  Swarovski Sorcerer Mickey launched for 2009.  And in 2010, it was Swarovski Pinocchio.
Swarovski Crystal Dumbo introduced in 1993
Limited Edition Dumbo by Arribas using Swarovski pave stones.

Swarovski Dumbo figurines have been  produced by Swarovski or using Swarovski pave components since 1987.  The rarest Swarovksi Dumbo figurines are those  made  in 1987 and 1988.  These Dumbo elephants were made in several variations.  Some crystal figurines were made with larger ears and some with smaller ears..  Some crystal figurines were made with frosted tusks and others were made without any tusks.  While the ears and tusks varied within the two years of production, they all were all seated in a teddy-bear-like position.  These limited edition Dumbo elephants were made with and without a Swarovski logo only available through the Arribas Brothers stores in the Walt Disney theme parks.

So, all Swarovski crystal fanatics….if you like the new 2011 Dumbo and wish to purchase some of the previous ones….Crystal Exchange America has a number of different retired Swarovski Dumbo figurines available for purchase in their online store.

Jan 042011

I found a new crystal figurine, a Swarovski Zebra, on several authorized retailer sites in the past couple days.  According to one site, the crystal zebra should be officially available in mid-January, 2011.  MSRP of the Swarovski crystal zebra is expected to be over $400, so I’m thinking the figurine should be in the 4″ – 5″ height range.

Swarovski Zebra – 2011 introduction

The Swarovski zebra will be a nice addition to some of the other Swarovski “Rare Encounters” figurines.  Swarovski crystalfigurines in this group include the Gnu, Baby Elephant, Mother Elephant, and Koala Bears.  I personally think it might look nice displayed with the Swarovski Giraffe (Swarovski part number 935896) that is designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.

Some of the online stores are accepting pre-orders for the Swarovski Zebra.  So want to be one of the first recipients of the zebra figurine, get your order in now!

Jan 042011

This morning I found the Swarovski Crystal SCS Polar Bear Video on the Swarovski web site:

Swarovski SCS Polar Bear Video (opens in a new window)

The Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition SCS Polar Bear Siku and Polar Bear Cubs were designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The video on the Swarovski web site is awesome.  It opens with a beautiful view of the Artic region where polar bears live. As a polar bear stroll by in the snow in the tundra, his breath is visible and revels the frigid temperature in the air.  The video continues emphasizing the SCS Annual Edition Siku, the companion SCS Polar Bear cubs, and the Swarovski designer doing some sketching.

Also highlighted in the video are the SCS accessories for this year 2011:  SCS Arctic Flower Pendant, the SCS Artic Flower Ornament (which is the member gift), and the SCS Ballpoint Pen.  (The SCS Arctic Pierced Earrings were not shown in the video.)

For 2011, the SCS title plaque for the Polar Bear Siku is included in the box.  A pair Swarovski gloves, a helpful accessory for the crystal figurine, is also integrated with the purchase.  As always, there is an official Swarovski Certificate for the Annual Edition crystal figurine.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of the Swarovski SCS Siku and Polar Bear Cubs into my Swarovski collection!

Jan 022011

The Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bears and Polar Bear cubs can now be found on the Swarovski web site and Swarovski Crystal Society members should be able to order them from their favorite retailer or from the online store very soon.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs (Crystal Moonlight)
Polar Bear and Polar Bear Cub
I enquired to the company as to why the cubs were not offered as a mixed set, and learned some new facts about polar bear cubs!  Apparently, polar bear cubs are typically born in pairs, hence the logic offering a pair to SCS members.  Furthermore, polar bear cubs are normally “whiter” than their “yellowish” parents, so that is why one of the sets is being offered in “white opal”.  The “crystal moonlight” cubs, do not follow nature’s coloring for polar bear cubs, but are available to SCS members for those who prefer cubs to match the Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bear.
I thought this was quite interesting!  I wonder which set will be most popular…..or if Swarovski Crystal Society members will end up purchasing BOTH $$ sets???

Jan 012011

2011 is officially here and I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Swarovski crystal fanatics collectors!

I’m excited to have a photo of the Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs to contrast the two Swarovski crystal finishes.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs for 2011
The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the left.  The ‘White Opal’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the right.  I want to stress that the Cubs CANNOT be purchased as shown.  This is an illustration only for collectors to be able to see the differences between the coloration if they cannot personally view them prior to placing an order.

The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ cubs are designed to match the Polar Bear Siku.

The Swarovski system number for the ‘White Opal’ Cubs is 1080774.  The Swarovski system number for the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Cubs is 1079156.  (It’s a good thing the system numbers are substantially different to avoid ordering confusion.)

The Polar Bear Cubs are optional accessories to go along with the 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku.  Each Polar Bear Cub pair retails for $350, so I’m curious to know the statistics of Swarovski SCS members that purchase both pairs.  Or….if a Swarovski collector chooses to purchase only one pair, will it be the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ or the ‘White Opal’ set?