Mar 312011

Crystal Exchange America has a client with a few extra Swarovski Country Mos to sell quickly.  So to assist in the clients wishes, Crystal Exchange is running a promotion with a coupon valid specifically on the Swarovski Country Mo Lovlots cows.

Swarovski Limited Edition Country Mo Cows

The Country Mos is a pair of Swarovski Limited Edition Cows in the Swarovski Lovlots product line that was available online only in 2010.  The Swarovski Country Mos are clear with brown or black spots and horns matching the spots.  The bells on the cows are a golden color.  The original retail price of the Swarovski cows was $105 + shipping.

The following coupon code ‘kbuzzcow3’ can be used during checkout to save $25 on the already attractive prices of the Swarovski Country Mos.  The coupon is good for the purchase on Swarovski Country Mos only and does expire April 30, 2011.  Purchase several pair and create your very own Swarovski Country Mo Cow herd!

Crystal Exchange America has all the Swarovski Limited Edition Mo crystals on their web site if you are looking for any of the other Swarovski Mo figurines, such as: Swarovski Pinky Mo (2007), Swarovski Flower Mo (2008), Swarovski Soccer Mo(2008), Swarovski Halloween Mo (2009), and Swarovski Glamour Mos (2010).  They also have other special Limited Edition Lovlots in the store, simply look in the Limited Editions category at

Mar 262011

Here are more acronyms used in advertising Swarovski crystal that is offered for sale.  While the many experienced Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the frequently used acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who do not have knowledge of the acronyms or can be mislead by improper use of the acronym.  So, I thought I’d do my best to cover a few more acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski COA – Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity.  For the majority of Swarovski crystal products, the Swarovski COA is truly a generic product booklet that can be interchanged with other Swarovski crystal products. I have a lengthy page on the Crystal Exchange America site about Swarovski Certificates and two Kristall Buzz Swarovski blog postings on the Swarovski COA:
Swarovski Certificates / Generic Product Booklets 1976 to present
The Swarovski COA is definitely important for some figurines, but the ones in the image above are the interchangeable generic product booklets.  Swarovski SCS figurines and Swarovski AE figurines should have certificates.  In many cases (but not all cases), limited edition figurines have a special Swarovski COA.  Not all sellers are knowledgeable about Swarovski because they are not serious collectors.  For a Swarovski Annual Edition, the seller may include the generic product booklet in lieu the true Swarovski COA.  This would likely be a costly mistake for an unskilled collector who does not know what the ‘complete package’ should include.  Purchasing a special (correct) Swarovski COA may not be an easy task as they are typically harder to find and can be expensive to purchase separately.
Wrapping up, this should serve as a reminder to thoroughly read auction descriptions, view the auction images if there are any, and ask questions if there might be contradictory information.  Use caution when an auction for an Annual Edition states Swarovski COA included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet.  When in doubt, ask questions about the items included for sale and what the seller’s return policy is.  When the transaction is finished, the buyer should be happy with outcome final price.

Mar 242011

Swarovski and Disney collectors may be glad to hear about the Swarovski Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse is on ebay with an attractive opening bid!  (Specific item details are available on the Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse in the auction.)

Swarovski Arribas Mickey Mouse

The Swarovski Mickey Mouse was a limited edition figurine sold and marketed by the Arribas Brothers stores in the Disney theme parks.  10,000 limited edition Swarovski statues were produced for the Arribas Brothers. This collectible figure is 2.25″ tall and has over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse features the Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine.

The Arribas Mickey Mouse originally retailed for $295 when it launched and sold out in 1997.  While the figurine itself is not numbered, the accompanying certificate does indicate the production number.  An optional stand and plaque were offered with the figurine at approximately $50 each.

The Swarovski Mickey Mouse was the first piece in the joint venture between Swarovski and the Arribas Brothers stores.  Following the success of this figurine, other similarly-decorated, limited edition, figurines were produced:  Tinker Bell, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, and there are others.

Arribas continues to introduce and sell figurines decorated with Swarovski crystal stones, however, they don’t seem to be quite as popular as the inaugural Mickey Mouse.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Arribas and Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a selection of them. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at  They have figurines dating back to the 1997 introductions and limited edition Disney crystal pieces.

Mar 232011

I recently came across a review of some unique watches decorated with Swarovski crystal stones.  After reading the review, I decided to get more information on the watches.

These retro digital watches can be found on the Phosphor web site.  I saw about six watches available, with the primary difference being the strap color and crystal colors.  The prices range from $200 – $250 per watch.

The description from the Phosphor web site about one of their watches is:

Driven by Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology, the Phosphor Appear watch utilizes miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski™ crystals that revolve to reveal numerical or chronological information. With each minute, an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, to elegantly display the passing time, while producing a distinctive sound unique to the Phosphor Appear digital watch line.

The basic “time” mode features a 12-hour display, with the hours positioned above the minutes on the face. The watch face also offers a “seconds” mode and “off” mode, showing an entire face of crystals with no time display.

These Swarovski crystal decorated watches are interesting.  They contain lots of bling and are likely fascinating conversation pieces.  While composing this article, I decided to check out the crystal giant’s web site of their product line of Swarovski Watches.  As you would expect, the watches are pricey.  The least expensive Swarovski watch was $500.  I did find several over $3000.  If cost is a motivating factor in purchasing a blingy watch, perhaps these Phosphor time pieces may be something to consider!

Mar 212011
Swarovski Tinker Bell (LE 2008), step aside and make room for Swarovski Tinker Bell (2011).  Tinker Bell (2011) is available for purchase at the Swarovski web site, and this is great news for Swarovski fanatics and Disney fanatics alike.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2008
This new pair of Swarovski Disney characters of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan retail for $300 each.  There is also a title plaque ($55), in the shape of a star, for the duo. The identification number for Swarovski Tinker Bell is 1073747.  The identification number for Swarovski Peter Pan is 1077772.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2011
While the pictures at the Swarovski web site make this Tinker Bell figurine look rather cute, I do have concerns as to the effects that this new release will have on the value of the Swarovski Limited Edition Tinker Bell that was sold in 2008.
Here are some comparative facts on the Swarovski Tinker Bell, LE 2008 and Tinker Bell, 2011:
Retail price… $300 in 2008 (included title plaque).  $300 in 2011.
  • Height…4 13/16″ in 2008. 5 1/8″ in 2011.
  • Wings… Aurore Boreale in 2008.  Crystal Blue Aurore Boreale in 2011.
  • Base….Clear, resembling a waterlily candleholder in 2008.  Matte crystal in 2011.
  • Outfit….Clear in 2008.  Green Olivine Crystal in 2011.
Since there are now two Swarovski Tinker Bell figurines, Swarovski crystal collectors and Disney collectors have choices when purchasing Tinker Bell.  Collectors should use care if purchasing the 2008 LE Swarovski Tinker Bell.  As there are a number of similarities, the most obvious stand-out feature is the green dress for the 2011 figurine.  Be aware of the differences so that you don’t pay a ‘2008 LE’ price tag for a 2011 figurine with a Peter Pan plaque included.

Mar 202011

The Swarovski Hong Kong Pyramid is an exceptional sculpture that was in the Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories product line.  The Swarovski crystal figurine that sold in January had a price tag of $900 with shipping cost included.

Are you curious to know how rare or hard-to-find that it may be?  Swarovski produced only 1997 of them from 1997 to 1998.  Each of the Hong Kong Pyramids produced is numbered, that that makes this sculpture a Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition (Swarovski NLE).  The original MSRP of the Swarovski crystal figurine was approximately $1100 USD.

The designer who created the unique sculpture wasTsang Mei Fong.  The designer’s design was a competition winner, where her crystal figurine was selected to commemorate the transition year of Hong Kong.  The Swarovski Part number is 9280 000 035.  The Swarovski system number is 222 858.  This magnificent art object measures 12″ in height and 2″ square at the base.

Swarovski Hong Kong Crystal with Swarovski Identification Label and Designer Inscription


This rare Swarovski crystal is not necessarily hard to find, despite the limited number of production.  Crystal Exchange America presently has 4 listed, ranging in price from $1700 – $2100.  One or two can generally be found in the online auctions near $1200 – $1500.


Illusion looking at Swarovski Hong Kong Crystal through the bottom facet

My advice to Swarovski collectors is to purchase the Swarovski crystal figurines that you really like….ones that tug at your heart.  One never knows what is going to happen in the economy or how well a figurine may sell to make it more desirable or sell for a much higher price in the future.  If this were predictable, we would all be making good investments in crystal and in other market areas.

Mar 162011

The Black Panther, Swarovski NLE 2010, sold out very quickly when it was released for online purchasing in April last year. With a retail price tag of $960, the Swarovski Black Panther (jet was the official color) was one of the most affordable NLE issues that was produced by the crystal giant.  And a maximum production quantity of only 500 figurines, this was another nice feature that made this black cat quite desirable.  Shortly after the sell-out date, the Swarovski Black Panther sky-rocketed to its current secondary market price of $2500-$3000 USD.

Swarovski Black Panther, NLE 2010

All this being said, the Swarovski Black Panther may have some competition in the very near future.  The crystal brand is releasing another colored panther…the Swarovski Moroda Panther.  The Swarovski system number is 1096051.  Looking at the product picture at the Swarovski web site, you may very well think that this newest panther is brown, which would indeed make it a bit different from the original Black Panther.

Swarovski Moroda Panther, 2011

However, if you look at another new release, the Swarovski French Angelfish, this release has a lot of ‘moroda’ colored crystal accents, and the official Swarovski product description for the fish states that Moroda is black.  BLACK?  BLACK!

Well, of course any color differentiation cannot be done until a collector has both Swarovski Panther figurines side by side.  But at the moment, I am feeling uneasy about this new release.  My NLE Swarovski Black Panther has gone up in value…something that cannot be said very often these days.  If this new cat, the Moroda Panther, is a shade of black, history indicates that the (jet) Black Panther values will drop as many collectors will likely settle for purchasing the Moroda Panther for a fraction of the price.

I have seen this new-similar-design approach in the past, and it nearly always brings down the value of the original design as buyers will simply not pay higher prices for retired figurines when Swarovski has other cheaper, suitable alternatives.  Examples of this phenomenon include: Swarovski SCS Dragon (DO1X971) and Dragon (7550 000 005), Swarovski SCS Turtledoves (DO1X891) and Turtledoves (7621 000 011), Swarovski SCS Dolphins (DO1X901) and Dolphin (7644 000 001).  (and there are other look-alike figurines, these are only a few).  All the Swarovski SCS crystal figurines dropped hundreds of dollars, 30% – 50%, depending on the figurine.  While the economy certainly contributes to the decline in value of the secondary market in general, I do believe that for these figurines, it was precipitated by the release of the similar-looking figurines which, by the way, are all still current on the Swarovski web site.  I foresee history repeating itself…good for the company with more sales of a newly-released panther, no-so-good for collectors who have valuable retired Swarovski figurines, in this case, the beautiful (jet) Black Panther.

If you like the Swarovski Panther design, but prefer clear crystal figurines, the crystal brand does offer the figurine in clear crystal, but it is retiring very soon (2011).  The clear cat has a system number of 874 337.  The Swarovski designer credited for the elegant design is Heinz Tabertshofer.  All the Swarovski Panther figurines come in a firm blue box, a cleaning cloth, and gloves.  All retail(ed) for $960.

If you are a feline fanatic, you may be interested to know that there are other Swarovski crystal wild cat figurines:  Swarovski Leopard, Swarovski Lion, Swarovski Golden Shadow Lion, and Swarovski Tiger.  Most of these can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site: .

Mar 132011

Crystal Exchange America has a very joyous couple of clients who recently purchased a rare Swarovski Mouse. This crystal mouse is a very special figurine that was never sold or marketed by Swarovski.

This particular Swarovski mouse is like no others that I have ever seen.  At the onset of the transaction, the selling client stated that less than 1000 were produced and that it was a gift to some retailers.  The selling client was located in the European community.  So, it sound like it may be a piece of rare Swarovski?  During the sale, I learned that less than 400 were actually made in 2006. It does contain the Swarovski swan logo, but because the mouse was a special family member project, it was never assigned an official Swarovski part number or system number.

Rare Swarovski Mouse Crystal Figurine
The mouse is just over 2.5″ long, and features silver whiskers and black ears.  The black tail is about 3″ long and resembles a round shoe lace.  The crystal body reminds me of a bell shape.  It is 1.75″ wide and 1.25″ high at the broadest point.  The face and back end are polished, not faceted like most Swarovski figurines.

This rare Swarovski figurine is documented in the 2011 edition of Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books.  It is in the Silver Crystal Book, located in the Employee chapter.  No Swarovski Value was assigned to the figurine in the book.

This was a terrific find and the Swarovski fanatics who made the purchase are very happy collectors.  I’m thrilled that Crystal Exchange America was able to assist in the transaction to make all parties involved satisfied clients.

Mar 102011

Rare Swarovski Violins?  FUSE?  What?  I had never heard of FUSE, Ben Lee, Linzi Stoppard, and nor did I know anything about Swarovski violins until a few days ago.  I was intrigued and thought I would share what I found with my fellow Swarovski friends.

FUSE is a string group, based out of the UK.  They formed their group in 2007.  The group leaders are Ben Lee and Linzi Stoppard.  These are unique musicians…. They play the ‘electric violins’.  Woa…but not just any electric violin (I didn’t even know such a thing existed), they play Swarovski crystalencrusted violins, decorated with over 50,000 Swarovski crystals each.

And if that doesn’t sound incredible enough, these violins are not ‘museum display units’, they are really used during the FUSE performances.  Each electric violin is insured for £1.0M each.  Their tour in 2010 was sponsored exclusively by Swarovski, so they have been blessed.

I’m so amazed with the Swarovski violins, that I’m overlooking the people with all the talent!  Ben Lee and Linzi Stoppard have been called the Prince and Princess of the rock violin world.  I understand that their sound is unique and original.  It is a classical-cross-over taking popular rock songs to a new platform and more.  I won’t even try to describe it further, check out the YouTube Video:

Additional FUSE information is available at Squidoo and the Electric String Quartet web site.

I am fascinated, not just with the Swarovski violins, but also with the style.  I would definitely try to attend a show if they were anywhere near Ohio.

Mar 092011

Swarovski designed and sold its first cow in the Swarovski Lovlots series, Missy Mo, in 2006.  Missy Mo is clear in color and is still a member of the current product offerings.  After 2006, Swarovski began issuing this same design, changing the color, and offering the colored cows as limited edition figurines.

2009 Limited Edition Cow – Swarovski Flower Mo

In 2007, Swarovski made the first Limited Edition Mo, the Swarovski Pinky Mo.  Pinky Mo is, just as its name suggests, pink in color, with white horns and bell.

In 2008 Swarovski produced its next Limited Edition, Swarovski Soccer Mo.  Soccer Mo was red in color, with white horns and bell.

In 2009, Swarovski collectors were blessed with two Limited Edition Mos….Flower Mo and Halloween Mo.  Swarovski Flower Mo was light green in color, decorated with small rose, yellow, and white flowers, with white horns and bell.  Swarovski Halloween Mo was orange, with black horns and bell.

In 2010, Swarovski produced the Limited Edition cows as ‘couples’: Swarovski Country Mos and Swarovski Glamour Mos.  The Country Mos were clear with brown or black spots and horns matching the spots.  The bells were a golden color.  The Swarovski Glamour Mos were the first cows to NOT have bells.  Instead, the female cow (golden in color) had a pearl necklace and the male cow (black in color) sported a small bow tie.

The individual Swarovski Lovlots cows generally sold for $55 – $75 from the Swarovski web site while the cow pairs retailed for $105 – $120.  However, the best performing Limited Edition cow is certainly the Swarovski Flower Mo.  Flower Mo is unquestionably cute….perhaps that is why it presently sells for the highest prices in the online auctions and at the retired Swarovski dealers.  The present selling prices are incredible for this Swarovski green cow… in the range of $275 – $325, which is up (on average) $75 from prices in December, 2010.  The upward spiral in price is unbelievable…is this some indication it may reach $400 by the end of the year?  With more Limited Edition Mo figurines on the horizon for 2011, it will be interesting to see if the Flower Mo prices will continue to rise, or if a 2011 release takes command once it is sold out.

Crystal Exchange America has all the Swarovski Limited Edition Cows and other special edition Swarovski Lovlots crystal figurines on their web site. If the dramatic rise in price is a trend (not just temporary), purchasing sooner rather than later, may be a good idea.

Mar 072011

Swarovski fanatics are excited to know that the Swarovski Lovlots Circus figures launched today!  The eight new Swarovski Lovlots can now be purchased at the Swarovski web site.

The following crystal figurines are in the initial launch of the Swarovski Lovlots Circus:

As to be expected from a circus atmosphere, the coloring of the Swarovski Circus Lovlots is exhilarating.  These figurines use new colors that I have not previously seen in Swarovski figurines.  Of course I am saying this based on the product descriptions and pictures on the Swarovski site (since I cannot possible have them in my hands yet).

The Swarovski Lovlots Circus is the 4th series of delightful Lovlots figurines.  The other Swarovski Lovlots series include: Swarovski City Park (launched in 2010), Swarovski House of Cats (launched in 2009), and Swarovski Gang of Dogs (launched in 2008).  Another “unofficial series” are the Lovlots Pioneers (launched in 2006) which are initial group of Lovlots figurines.

If your Swarovski collection is missing a retired Swarovski Lovlots crystal figurine, Crystal Exchange America has a variety on their web site. They have figurines from all four series in addition to the special limited edition Lovlots.

Mar 042011
It appears that Swarovski has another Hare / Rabbit / Bunny soon to be released.  This Swarovski Hare is made of Crystal Golden Shadow with jet crystal eyes.  I believe it is the same design as the upcoming Swarovski Limited Edition Hare, but in a different color.

The Swarovski Hare (golden shadow) is about 1.5″ in length and will retail for $60 US.  I found stores accepting pre-orders for this item, and it seems that they should be available near the end of March, which is just before the Swarovski Limited Edition Hareis to launch.

Swarovski Hare in Crystal Golden Shadow

There are a number of retired Swarovski hare / bunny / rabbit designs if you collect the Swarovski crystalbunny figurines:

  • Swarovski Bunny Rabbit – 7678 000 001 / 208 326
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Large (US & Canada only) – 7652 045 000 / 013 725
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini – 7652 020 000 / 010 012
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini Lying – 7678 030 000 / 014 848
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini Sitting – 7678 040 000 / 014 849
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mother – 7623 055 000 / 014 850
  • Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit – 7693 000 009 / 622 845

Many of these retired Swarovski  rabbit / hare / bunny designs can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site .  At the site, use the search feature, keyword “rabbit”.

Mar 032011

Swarovski makes a number of beautiful candleholders in their Swarovski Silver Crystal and Swarovski Home Accessories product lines.  Swarovski candle holders look lovely on tables and in crystal display cabinets.

However, I can tell you that burning candles in them is not something I would recommend.  Cleaning wax from any candle holder can be a job, but cleaning wax from a Swarovski crystal candle holder is a real challenge.  The simplest way to remove wax from candle holders is to heat the wax and removed it in a softer or more fluid state.  But, heating a Swarovski candle holder has a good bit of risk….excess heat can dissolve the glue holding the crystal components together.  Putting in it the dishwasher…..absolutely not!  Putting it in the microwave….I just don’t think so.  Using a hair dryer….I personally would not take the chance.

Swarovski crystal collectors may choose to simply display them with a candle.    At one point in time, the crystal brand produced some lovely Swarovski Lucite candles.  The authentic Swarovski Lucite candles are clear with silver-colored or gold-colored flakes inside.  (Obviously, the Lucite candles should not be burned).

Crystal Exchange America recently sold a set of the Swarovski Lucite candles.  The candles were packaged as a set of four.  They were clear with the silver-colored flakes.  The Swarovski box shows the older Swarovski logo, along with the candle holders that the Swarovski candles would fit into.

Swarovski Lucite Candles, Clear with Silver Flakes, and original Swarovski Box

Crystal Exchange America has a couple more authentic Swarovski Lucite candle sets still available as well as a couple of authentic Swarovski wax candle sets.  Swarovski collectors interested in authentic Swarovski candles can visit the Crystal Exchange America site, then search on the term ‘candles’.

Mar 022011
Swarovski and Clarins entered into a licensing agreement in 2008, and Swarovski Aura is the first scent to launch. I recently found a publicity video for Swarovski Aura on YouTube:
The Swarovski Aura bottles are made of glass and metal, topped with a single faceted asymmetrical Swarovski crystal.  The Swarovski Aura perfume inside the glass bottle is pink in color.  It appears that the bottle will be available in 2 different sizes with refill bottles of the perfume available.

It is reported that Swarovski Aura should be available in some 500 Swarovski stores when the perfume is fully launched at all channels.

In 2006, Swarovski and Clarins previously worked together commemorating fragrance Angel’s 15th anniversary.
The crystal brand company has created other limited edition Swarovski perfume bottles in the past.
  • Swarovski Tresor in 1994, 1995-96, and 1997, limited edition of 5,000 or 10,000.
  • Swarovski Yves St Laurent in 1996 and 1998, limited edition of less than 6300 issues.
  • Swarovski Jewel Perfume in 1997, limited edition of 10,000.
  • Swarovski Roma in 1997 with limited distribution in the European community.
  • Swarovski Madame Gres (three different bottles) in 2003, limited edition of 5,000 (per bottle) .

If you are a Swarovski collector who enjoys Swarovski Perfume bottles, Crystal Exchange America does have some of them available.

Mar 012011
Swarovski has made its official announcement to SCS members about the Swarovski Limited Edition Hare.  The company informs its Swarovski Club members that the limited edition hare will be available in the Swarovski Online shop only (this means not at store retailers or boutiques).  The planned launch date is April 11, 2011.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Hareappears to be made of smokey quartz (gray) crystal.  Swarovski does not mention size, price, or quantity produced in its online announcement.  They do mention that the Swarovski limited edition hare is a global release, so I take it that there are no exclusions as to who can purchase it (sometimes online-only releases are limited to specific countries).

Swarovski Hare, Limited Edition soon available at Swarovski Shop Online only
There are other Swarovski hare / rabbit figurines in the Swarovski shop if you are a bunny collector:

If you are looking for Retired Swarovski Rabbit figurines, many can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site. I believe that all the retired Swarovski crystal rabbits are clear crystal figurines.