May 182011

Most Swarovski crystal collectors already have their favorite Swarovski dealer that they go to first when there are new Swarovski crystal figurines released.  Or perhaps for convenience sake, a collector always purchased their crystal on the Swarovski web site.

But sometimes, there is a need to seek out a new place to purchase Swarovski figurines.  Maybe you will be traveling and want to know if there is a dealer at your destination.  Or possibly you want a Swarovski crystal figurine of another product line that is not carried by your favorite dealer.

Well the Swarovski Boutique finder, at the Swarovski web site, can help you find that dealer you are looking for. The Swarovski Boutique finder .  It is simple to use:
1. Select your preferred country or region
2. Next, choose the state or province
3. Lastly, pick the city.

These steps will assist any Swarovski collector in locating a store or boutique in the desired area.  The less information entered on the Boutique Finder form, the more stores will be displayed in the search results.
The boutique results contain a lot of information:  Store Name and Type (Authorized Retailer or Swarovski Boutique), phone number, city, state, zip code (USA search results), small icons indicating product lines carried at that location, and some have a ‘view map’ button.

If you are looking for a particular item, the “Assortments” will be of interest to you.  On the Swarovski site, “Assortments” means product lines.  There are nine check boxes that a collector can select, depending on what is being searched:  Swarovski Jewelry, Swarovski Fashion Accessories, Swarovski Sunglasses, Swarovski Watches, Swarovski Member Products (SCS), Swarovski Fragrances-Beauty, Swarovski Figurines, Swarovski Home Accessories, and Swarovski Gift Cards.

I am wondering where the new Swarovski Aura Perfume can be purchased in the USA.  So for country / region, I select USA.  I leave the rest of the location options blank because I don’t care where in the USA, as hopefully the store will ship to me.  Under assortments, I select Fragrances-Beauty.  And then I click on ‘search’.  Unfortunately, the results indicate that no stores in the USA carry the new Swarovski Aura Perfume at this time.  Nonetheless, I’ll check back soon to see if it becomes available.

If you are a new collector, perhaps this was a web site feature you had not yet found.  If you are a long-time collector, possibly this was a feature you were not familiar with.  In any case, it just might be a feature that you find yourself using with some of the newer lines, like the perfume, in locating the figurines you want to add to your collection.

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