May 072011

My Swarovski magazine arrived about a week ago, and yesterday I found the time to open and read it.  This is the 2nd edition of 2011 with a picture of the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle on the front of it.  About halfway thru the magazine was an article / 4 page ad about the “Aura by Swarovski” perfume.

The article is an interview with family member Markus Langes-Swarovski, who is a member of the Swarovski board.  He goes into some detail about ‘bringing the brand to life beyond crystal’ and how this was a vision that the original Swarovski generations would approve of.

Swarovski and the Clarins Fragrance Group entered into a relationship in 2003 that would ultimately allow the vision to become a reality.  In 2011, this magical launch would finally come to pass.  This introduction of Aura included Fragrance bottles filled with pink Aura perfume, a Make-Up Jewel containing lip gloss or balm, and shimmering body cream.

Of course, by now, Swarovski is hosting a web site specifically for this new product line.  The web site is In addition to the above mentioned products, the web site also mentions perfumed shower gel and perfumed deodorant spray.

Curious about the Aura scent?  Great news for Swarovski crystal collectors, there is a sample inside the magazine!  If for some reason your magazine has not arrived, it appears that web site surfers (of can request a free sample of the perfume (for certain countries).

The Swarovski magazine indicates that Aura will be available at selective perfumeries, department stores, and Swarovski Boutiques.  I’ve looked around on the internet and not found it available anywhere in the USA.  When I tried to find prices for the various product offerings, I did not find them listed in USD.

The Swarovski Aura bottles are made of glass and metal, topped with asymmetrical Swarovski crystalcomponents attached to the bottle.  The Swarovski Aura perfume inside is pink in color.

I’ve written several other postings on the Kristall Buzz about this new perfume:

I’ll post an update with store names or boutiques once I can confirm that it can be purchased or shipped within the USA.

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