Jun 092011

Ever wanted to know more about early Swarovski crystal released?  Seeking Swarovski pictures, release and retirement dates?  The Swarovski Wall of Fame, right on the Swarovski web site, may be insightful to any Swarovski crystal collector.

To begin with, the Swarovski Wall of Fame is organized by the ‘year of introduction’.  The first year of any Swarovski crystal figurine documented in the Wall of Fame is 1976, and naturally, all years through 2011 have an entry in the Wall of Fame.  In 1976, the inaugural year of the Silver Crystal product line, the majority of the Swarovski figurines were candleholders, mouse (2 sizes), hedgehog, (2 sizes), and several paperweights.

Swarovski crystal figurines included in the Wall of Fame detail:  Swarovski figurine name, year of introduction, year of retirement, Swarovski part number or system number (not both), and Swarovski Designer.  Product sizes / dimensions are not included.  Candleholder names (associating a particular candleholder to a Swarovski part number) are not included for early releases.

So what else should you know about the Swarovski Wall of Fame?  USA only issues will not be found here…for example, the Gold Bee, or the King Hedgehog.  The various colors of Swarovski paperweights  are not found, only the shape.  Variations of figurines are also not documented, i.e. the different tail styles of the Large Cat.

Swarovski SCS members have 2 more added benefits to using the Wall of Fame.  SCS members can also keep a virtual inventory of their personal collection.  When using this feature, collectors may add pieces to any of 5 configurable collections.  The platform allows collectors to save the purchase price and 100-character note with the figurine information.  The platform does not allow for duplicates (i.e. you want to add 2 Swarovski Charming Mos), so that is something that could be included in the note field.  SCS members have the ability to print their collection(s).  The printed collection includes a figurine photo, name, years available, identification number, collection name assigned to it, acquisition price, and any personal note for the item.

The platform also allows SCS members to create a screensaver that features the Swarovski figurines saved to a collection.  (While this did indeed sound interesting to me, I did not wish to experiment with it, to then have to restore my desktop or screen saver to my present settings.)

Other internet resources that include Swarovski crystal figurine details include RetiredSwarovski.com and WBRBOnline.com.  RetiredSwarovski.com includes many products lines (not just the Silver Crystal and Christmas Ornament lines like the Wall of Fame).  The fact sheets on the site are FREE and printable.  Swarovski Crystal product information on the free fact sheet includes: Swarovski Name, Swarovski Part Number and System Number, Swarovski Designer, Year Introduced, Year Retired, and a small photo of the Swarovski figurine.  RetiredSwarovski.com does not feature current products…only Swarovski crystal that is retiring soon or has retired.  It also does not have any features to allow personal collections to be saved.

WBRBOnline.com has many products across all product lines, over 2800 as of May, 2011.  It includes current and retired products. It also includes USA only Swarovski figurines and variations of figurines.  The FREE data included in the Swarovski crystal product search are: Name, Part Number, System Number, Swarovski Designer, Status (Current or Retired), and Theme Group.  A subscription to the Swarovski Database is required in order to view the crystal dimensions, year introduced, year retired, original MSR price, Swarovski Value (ERV), Swarovski Logo, brief description, and Swarovski Photo.  It also does not have any features to allow personal collections to be saved.

All these resources will be helpful to Swarovski crystal collectors looking for information on figurines produced 1976 through present.  Happy Swarovski crystal collecting!

Jun 072011

Swarovski has posted to the SCS members area of the site about a couple limited edition Swarovski jewelry soon to be available.

The reason?  The Swarovski online shop is TEN years old! In celebration, the Swarovski shop is launching two special limited editions that are available beginning June TEN for TEN days.

One online limited edition piece is the Swarovski Black Pearl Nude set.  It includes a pendant and a pair of earrings.  (From the pictures I would imagine pierce earrings, but this is not specifically stated anywhere.)  The design is a black crystal pearl with two strands of clear crystal pave stones.

The other online limited edition piece is the Swarovski Medallion Pendant.  This necklace design is 2 circles, joined at the top encrusted with Swarovski pave crystals.  Inside each hollow loop are 5 crystal stones.  I wonder if this is symbolic of putting 10 candles on a birthday cake?

There is no mention of price on either item or total quantity of production.  The announcement only states that they are available June 10 through June 20 while supplies last.  And of course, since they are online editions, these Swarovski TEN releases won’t be found in any stores.

Swarovski released other online limited editions just prior to Christmas, 2010.  There are Kristall Buzz articles when they were released in November / December 2010, simply look in the archives.

So Swarovski crystal aficionados, mark your calendar if these items are items you want to add to your collection, either to display or to wear!

Jun 052011

RetiredSwarovski.com is an established web site known for its up-to-date listings of Swarovski Crystal retirements.  Recently, the Crystal Myriad product line of Swarovski Limited Editions has been added to the site documenting those Swarovski sculptures that the crystal brand has retired.

The Swarovski Crystal Myriad sculptures are Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions, Swarovski NLE for short.  The Crystal Myriad sculptures range in price from $12,000 – $18,000, and each has a maximum production of 300 units.  The Crystal Myriad figurines are custom made shortly after an order is received according to the Swarovski web site.

In 2009, Swarovski introduced four Crystal Myriad sculptures: a dragon Swarovski Jinlong, an elephant Swarovski Matang, a falcon Swarovski Alsaqr Almalaki, and a stallion Swarovski Amurath.  According to the RetiredSwarovski.com web site, two of these four items are now retired.

Swarovski used their own signature pointiage technique to apply 32,000 – 63,000 hand-set crystals.  This same technique is also being used on the Swarovski Limited Edition Hello Kitty figurine which is to launch near August, 2011.  The Swarovski Hello Kitty sculpture will be limited to 88 pieces world-wide and will have approximately 20K hand-set crystals.

If you prefer less expensive, but still exclusive Swarovski Limited Editions, many can be had from Crystal Exchange America web site.  Just look in the ‘Limited Editions’ and ‘SCS Annual and Limited Editions’ categories of the store web site www.CrystalExchange.com

Jun 032011

It’s early June with Father’s Day just around the corner.  Is your husband, father, or grandfather among the Swarovski crystal fanatics collectors?  If so, this screwdriver may be a terrific gift for him!

This Swarovski-studded cordless screwdriver is a limited edition, Swarovski embellished machine designed to celebrate the Bosch IXO model rising to the top of the power tool world.  According to several web site sources, there have been over 10M sold since 2003.

Only 2000 of this limited edition screwdriver were made, each one decorated with 470 Swarovski crystal stones.  Retail price?  Only $470 USD!

I’m not sure that this screwdriver is available in the USA or not.  I was able to find it only at the Amazon UK site, with a small quantity available there.

If a Swarovski embellished power tool is not the gift you were considering for that crystal-collecting dad, check out Crystal Exchange America’s web site for plenty of other Swarovski crystal ideas.  Be sure to order soon as order fulfillment generally takes about 10 business days.

Jun 022011

Liza Schmidt of Germany was the lucky winner of the Swarovski crystal video contest that ended just last week.  Her video is focused on the Swarovski Nirvana Ring and the possible powers it may hold.

Here are the winner’s thoughts and comments, taken directly from Swarovski’s social media page:

The idea for the video came from her husband after they saw a green Nirvana ring for the first time. According to Liza “we were really inspired by the power the ring has to transform the mood of the wearer when it is placed on the finger. It really can send you to a far-away place like Nirvana or heaven. For each person heaven is a special place and for this nomadic Buddah in the video we thought that heaven would be opposite of his daily life. Although in the end he decided to remain in the desert, the Nirvana ring still holds the power to transform. We had so much fun making this video and we are delighted it was chosen as the winner!”

Congratulations to Liza! Her Swarovski Nirvana Ring video will air at the Swarovski store on Times Square in NY.  Liza also wins a round trip package to Milan which includes Swarovski VIP tickets to the fashion event of the year.  And there’s more….Liza will receive (probably alot of ) Swarovski jewelry and time with (an unnamed) celebrity guest!  Well done Liza!  Looking forward to your next video adventure!

Jun 012011

The famous landmark, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, in Wattens Austria, celebrated its 10,000,000th visitor May 27, 2011!

Swarovski Kristallwelten The Giant

Crystal Worlds, also known as Kristallwelten, was founded in 1995 on the 100th anniversary of the Swarovski family owned enterprise.  Crystal Worlds is an underground park, designed to stimulate all the senses, using Swarovski crystal of course.  It features designs that utilize many colors and forms.  At Crystal Worlds, visitors can also view the world’s largest Centenar (chaton) that is 300,000 carats and weighs over 136 lbs.

Kristallwelten 10Mth Visitor!
Pictured in front of The Giant landmark face are, left to right, Markus Langes-Swarovski, the 10thM visitor Silvia Henkelmann, and Dr Andreas Braun.
Crystal Worlds has an amazing web site. Swarovski SCS members also have some privileges at Kristallwelten, which includes complimentary admission to some areas and special benefits in other areas.  More information on the SCS member benefits are available at the Swarovski web site.
Swarovski also produces some Swarovski Kristallwelten items that are only available at the gift shop there.  Crystal Exchange America has a few of those items listed on their web site if you’re not able to make a personal visit or find that the items you want have become discontinued Swarovski crystal items.