Nov 082011

The Crystal Myriad line produced by Swarovski is a very elite group of sculptures.  The Crystal Myriad Dragon Longwang is no exception.

Swarovski Longwang, Crystal Myriad Dragon

Swarovski Longwang, Crystal Myriad Dragon

The Swarovski Longwang is now shown on the crystal brand’s web site, as the actual launch must be very soon.  The company displayed the Swarovski Longwang at the SCS event in California just last week, and in a Swarovski event summary posted to the Kristall Buzz a few days ago, there were actual photos of the sculpture!

Swarovski’s description of the Crystal Myriad Longwang states that “Longwang” means “King of the Dragons”.  This crystal myriad is certainly king!  Longwang is a Swarovski NLE Dragon of 888 units (The number 8 is considered very lucky, so it is likely that this had something to do with the max production.)  Longwang contains over 66,0000 hand-set crystals using the Pointiage technique.  The polished crystal base of Longwang dragon represents the sea, the dragon’s natural habitat.

The Swarovski system # for Longwang is 1096974.  The Swarovski designer is Heinz Tabertshofer.  This dragon masterpiece is about 11.5” wide and 14” tall.  Swarovski indicates that the production time for the Crystal Myriad Longwang is nearly 500 hours!

On the crystal giant’s web site,  the Swarovski Longwang can be found in a video that shows the Crystal Myriad revolving, zooming in on the meticulous craftsmanship of the figurine.

Our local retailer stated that pre-payment is required and that the delivery date may be 8 to 12 months away.  They originally indicated a price of $26,000, but the Swarovski site shows it at $20,000, so this might be pleasant news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who are considering to purchase it.  For me, not a chance….anything over $17,000 must be drivable or inhabitable!

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