Jan 302012

About 2 weeks ago, I wrote an article about the Swarovski Lovlots Sealife family moving into the Lovlots community.  At the time, it was not clear exactly where they would reside in the Lovlots City.

Swarovski Lovlots Sealife Famiy

Swarovski Sealife Family in the Lovlots



Since that time and with some investigation, I have found that the Swarovski Sealife characters do have a specific place within the Swarovski Lovlots City….Sealife Jack, Sealife Johnny, Sealife Danny, Sealife Gina, and Sealife Shelly & Sam reside in the Lovlots City Harbor!

More information about the Lovable Lovlots Fish, Penguins, and Ducks can be found on the Swarovski web site!

Jan 192012

Swarovski has just uploaded a video to YouTtube showing the Crystal Myriad Longwang Dragon.

The Swarovski Longwang Dragon is the fifth Swarovski Crystal Myriad produced by the famous crystal brand.  Longwang is among many Swarovski dragon figurines being released near 2012, the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

The Swarovski Longwang Dragon is a limited edition masterpiece with a maximum production of 888, collectors might think that the dragon would be a quick sell-out.  However, as retail price tag of $20,000, that could delay a sell-out.  I checked the official Swarovski site for more information about the dragon, and it cannot be added to the shopping cart.  Might this Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition be sold out?  Or simply temporarily unavailable???

Jan 102012

I had seen some 2012 previews on various websites, but today I noticed that some of the newest Swarovski Lovlots additions are now available for purchase directly from the Swarovski shoppe, ranging in price from $65  to  $165.

Swarovski Lovlots Sealife

Swarovski Sealife Lovlots - new for 2012

The Lovlots Sealife crystal figurines introduced in 2012 include:

  1. Lovlots Sealife Jack – 1115223.  Sealife Jack is a penguin and retails for $100.  Sealife Jack, and is light blue in color with a red and yellow beak.
  2. Lovlots Sealife Johnny – 1115219.  Sealife Johnny is also a penguin and retails for $50.  Johnny is the son of Sealife Jack (also smaller than Sealife Jack), and is light blue in color with a red beak.
  3. Lovlots Sealife Danny – 1119915.  Sealife Danny is a dolphin that retails for $165.  Danny is light blue with a gray tail.
  4. Lovlots Sealife Shelly & Sam – 1119916. Sealife Shelly & Sam are a couple of playful fish that retail for $90.  Shelly is a light green fish and Sam is a royal blue fish.
  5. Lovlots Sealife Gina – 1121757.  Sealife Gina is a seahorse that retails for $65.  Gina appears to be red and yellow.

While the new Swarovski Sealife characters are in the Lovlots group, I’m not seeing any mention of how they actually fit into the Lovlots city.  I can’t help but wonder if the “Swarovski Lovlots” are evolving more into a “category”, and less of a community / city as it has been previously promoted.

Swarovski has produced some displays, they promote for the Lovlots, but wouldn’t it be cute if they had a Lovlots aquarium and developed characters for the aquarium group?

The 2012 limited edition lovlots, Swarovski Lovlots Lucky Mo, is also available at the Swarovski shoppe.

If you are looking for any discontinued Lovlots Swarovski figurines, look in the “Lovlots and Zodiac” category of the Crystal Exchange America web site.

Jan 042012

Less than a week ago, I wrote about Swarovski Stitch figurines sold at the crystal brand’s website.  At that time, there were two variations available:  the Limited Edition Swarovski Stitch and the Swarovski Stitch Experiment 626 Limited Edition.  Both Swarovski Disney Stitch crystal figurines retail for $325, but the Experiment 626 was slightly different and has a maximum production of 626 units.

Swarovski Disney Stitch Limited Edition: Experiment 626

Disney Swarovski Stitch: Experiment 626 Limited Edition

As of yesterday, and still occurring today, the Experiment 626 Stitch appears to be available on the Swarovski web site, but errors occur when trying to add the item to the cart and checking out.  Might this be an indication that quantity remaining is extremely low or that it might be sold out?  I cannot confirm either scenario, just that at the moment, it is NOT possible to purchase it from the Swarovski web site, the ONLY place that it was originally sold.

Since the ‘not as limited’ Swarovski Stitch is available, and should be available for most of 2012, Swarovski crystal collectors who like the Disney Movie Lilo and Stitch may decide to purchase this variation as it can be easily obtained for $325.

If you are among the serious collecting audience of Swarovski crystal fanatics, you may insist on the more limited edition of Swarovski Disney Stitch Experiment 626.  While availability at Swarovski.com is questionable at the moment, I did find one on ebay for nearly $800 + shipping!

I would also expect that we’ll get new listings for the Swarovski Stitch figurine and that they may posted on the CrystalExchange.com website.  It is not unusual for our clients to snatch up exclusive pieces then put them on our website hoping for a quick profit.

Swarovski Stitch will be in the Swarovski Disney category at the Crystal Exchange America web site.  Or if you choose to go directly to the site, look in the “Disney and Arribas” category.

Jan 012012

Just this past week, I found changes on the Swarovski.com website with respect to the Lovlots community.  Yesterday, I did a post on the Happy Ducks joining the Swarovski Lovlots group.  But they are not the only new members…. Swarovski Kris Bears have also moved into the Lovlots community.  Previously, the Kris Bear figurines were used in at least 2 different product lines:   Crystal Moments and Silver Crystal.

  • Swarovski  It’s a Girl Kris Bear – 949710 (on sale at Swarovski.com, 40% off!)
  • Swarovski  The First Kiss Kris Bears – 1114098 (New for 2012)
  • Swarovski  Only for You Kris Bear – 1096732 (New for 2012)
  • Swarovski  A Heart for You Kris Bear – 958449
  • Swarovski  Balloons for You Kris Bear – 1016622
  • Swarovski  Blowing Kisses Kris Bear – 1016623
  • Swarovski  Especially for You Kris Bear – 842934
  • Swarovski  Flowers for You Kris Bear – 1016620
  • Swarovski  Perfectly Happy Kris Bear – 1016618
  • Swarovski  Thank You Gift Kris Bear – 905788
  • Swarovski  A Rose for You Kris Bears – 1077419
  • Swarovski  You and I Kris Bears – 1096736

In early 2012, additional Swarovski Kris Bear figurines are expected to be released.

Including Kris Bear Ornaments, there are about 40 Kris Bears produced by the crystal brand.  Some of the more interesting ones include:

I think it would be cool if the Swarovski Kris Bears resided in “Kris Bear Castle” in the Lovlots city.  Or perhaps a wooded area distanced away from the “city”.  I hope the crystal brand keeps the district-theme alive with the new placement of the Lovlots Happy Ducks and now the Lovlots Kris Bears.

So, here is another change that is coming up on the Crystal Exchange America website.   Presently, the Kris Bear figurines are in the scattered throughout the site…the best way to find them is using the search feature of the site.  Very soon, these Swarovski crystal Kris Bears will become easier to find in a central location, the “Lovlots & Zodiac” category.