Jan 012012

Just this past week, I found changes on the Swarovski.com website with respect to the Lovlots community.  Yesterday, I did a post on the Happy Ducks joining the Swarovski Lovlots group.  But they are not the only new members…. Swarovski Kris Bears have also moved into the Lovlots community.  Previously, the Kris Bear figurines were used in at least 2 different product lines:   Crystal Moments and Silver Crystal.

  • Swarovski  It’s a Girl Kris Bear – 949710 (on sale at Swarovski.com, 40% off!)
  • Swarovski  The First Kiss Kris Bears – 1114098 (New for 2012)
  • Swarovski  Only for You Kris Bear – 1096732 (New for 2012)
  • Swarovski  A Heart for You Kris Bear – 958449
  • Swarovski  Balloons for You Kris Bear – 1016622
  • Swarovski  Blowing Kisses Kris Bear – 1016623
  • Swarovski  Especially for You Kris Bear – 842934
  • Swarovski  Flowers for You Kris Bear – 1016620
  • Swarovski  Perfectly Happy Kris Bear – 1016618
  • Swarovski  Thank You Gift Kris Bear – 905788
  • Swarovski  A Rose for You Kris Bears – 1077419
  • Swarovski  You and I Kris Bears – 1096736

In early 2012, additional Swarovski Kris Bear figurines are expected to be released.

Including Kris Bear Ornaments, there are about 40 Kris Bears produced by the crystal brand.  Some of the more interesting ones include:

I think it would be cool if the Swarovski Kris Bears resided in “Kris Bear Castle” in the Lovlots city.  Or perhaps a wooded area distanced away from the “city”.  I hope the crystal brand keeps the district-theme alive with the new placement of the Lovlots Happy Ducks and now the Lovlots Kris Bears.

So, here is another change that is coming up on the Crystal Exchange America website.   Presently, the Kris Bear figurines are in the scattered throughout the site…the best way to find them is using the search feature of the site.  Very soon, these Swarovski crystal Kris Bears will become easier to find in a central location, the “Lovlots & Zodiac” category.

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