May 302012

May 29, 2012, our favorite crystal brand officially released the Swarovski Bubble Mo for purchase in their online shoppe.

The Swarovski Mo herd is excited to welcome the new blue cow to the Lovlots family.  The Mo Herd presently consists of….

Swarovski Bubble Mo, New Blue Cow

Swarovski Bubble Mo, Lovlots Blue Cow, Limited Edition 2012

  • Swarovski Alabaster Mo (2007 Exclusive Edition)
  • Swarovski Belle Mo (2010 – 2012)
  • Swarovski Bubble Mo, Limited Edition 2012
  • Swarovski Charming Mo, Limited Edition 2011
  • Swarovski Country Mos, Limited Edition 2010
  • Swarovski Flower Mo, Limited Edition 2009
  • Swarovski Glamour Mos, Limited Edition 2010
  • Swarovski Halloween Mo, Limited Edition 2009
  • Swarovski Lucky Mo, Limited Edition 2012
  • Swarovski Missy Mo (2006 – 2012)
  • Swarovski Missy Mo, Large (2006 – 2009)
  • Swarovski Pinky Mo, Limited Edition 2007
  • Swarovski Santa Mo, Limited Edition 2011
  • Swarovski Soccer Mo, Limited Edition 2008
  • Swarovski Sunshine Mo, Limited Edition 2011

On the crystal brand’s web site, they state that Limited Edition Swarovski Bubble Mo will be limited to 10 per person.  This guideline is in place to ensure that many collectors can purchase them directly from Swarovski at original retail price of $65.  If there were no maximum quantity in place (as has long been the practice on the Swarovski Mo figurines), they can be quickly found in the online auctions at higher prices, which does not make dedicated collectors very happy.

Swarovski Bubble Mo blue cow is about 1 ¾” height.  The company uses these colors in their official product description: Scuba Blue, Air Blue Opal, and Lavender crystal.  Swarovski mentions that the laser engraved bubbles are symbolic of “bubbles of excitement” in the product description.

Collectors wanting any of the retired or discontinued cow Swarovski Mo figurines can likely find them at Crystal Exchange America in the ‘Lovlots and Zodiac’ category of the store.

I’m placing my order today for the Limited Edition Lovlots Bubble Mo.  I hope she is as cute in person as she looks online!

May 292012

Luxury brands are constantly coming up with new ideas to spark loyal customer interest.    In February, 2011, the Kristall Buzz featured an article about Limited Edition Swarovski Ugg Boots.  Today, I found news that the famous boot maker Ugg is again using Swarovski crystal stones to decorate their most comfortable boots… Ugg is launching Wedding Day Boots and Wedding Day Flip Flops!

Ugg Boots and Flip Flops for the Wedding

Ugg Wedding Day Footwear

Ugg will have 2 ankle boot styles:  Sparkles and Baily Bling.  Sparkles will be decorated with pink and white sequins.  Sparkles will retail for $190.  But, here we go…..Bailey Bling will be decorated with Swarovski crystal stones on the button!  Bailey Bling will retail for $225.  Fluff are the furry flip-flops that will retail for $80.

Ugg Bailey Bling Decorated with a Swarovski Crystal Button

Swarovski Ugg Bailey Bling

All 3 footwear products will have light blue soles, just in case that bride forgets her “something blue” in her wedding day attire.

More information can be found on Ugg Austrailia web site, as well as the ability to make your purchase now:

I can’t honestly see a bride or the wedding party wearing Swarovski Ugg Boots during the wedding, but to each their own.  I think the flip-flops would feel nice on a bride’s feet during the reception, and who would even know as more often than not, their beautiful wedding gown hides their feet.

Hopefully the bride and groom will have some Swarovski Crystal figurines in their bridal registry too!

May 282012

While I was doing research for the article on Swarovski Car figurines, I found that since the production of ‘Ultimate Corvette featuring Swarovski Crystals’ there have been other automobile and motorcycle figurines embellished with Swarovski crystals on the Franklin Mint web site!  There is a complete article about the Swarovski Corvette here on the Kristall Buzz.

Ultimate Swarovski 1993 Duesenberg Car

Swarovski 1933 Duesenberg


The Ultimate 1933 Duesenberg Twenty Grand featuring Swarovski Crystals is a Limited Edition car, with only 100 Swarovski Duesenberg units produced.  This Swarovski car has approximately 12,000 hand-set crystal stones.  At the Franklin Mint web site, it had a retail price of $1495.  While it appears to be sold out there, I did find a couple on ebay at the original MSRP: Swarovski Duesenberg on Ebay**.





Ultimate Swarovski 1966 Shelby Cobra Car

Swarovski 1966 Shelby Cobra


The Ultimate 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C featuring Swarovski Crystals is a Limited Edition car, with only 100 Swarovski Shelby Cobra units produced.  This sparkly Cobra has over 6,000 hand-set Swarovski crystal stones.  This dazzling card is available at the Franklin Mint web site at $1295 or the purchase price can be broken down into 3 lower payments.





Ultimate Swarovski Harlely Davidson Motorcycle

Swarovski 2006 Softail Classic Harlely Davidson


The Ultimate 2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Classic with Swarovski Crystals is a Limited Edition motorcycle, with only 100 Swarovski Harley Davidson units produced.  This Swarovski motorcycle also appears to be sold out as the Franklin Mint web site indicates that they are accepting backorders.  This Swarovski Crystlized motorcycle has over 3900 hand-set Swarovski crystals.  If an interested individual wants this item, I’d suggest this Swarovski Harley Davidson on Ebay**, which is still at the original MSRP of $995.



**I do not know the Ebay sellers and am not vouching for them.  Interested buyers should thoroughly check out any seller they are considering to do business with. The links were provided for reference only.

The Franklin Mint web site is one that I’ll have to bookmark and watch for future dazzling Limited Edition car and motorcycle figurines decorated with thousands of Swarovski Crystal stones!  I wonder which Swarovski car or Swarovski motorcyle will be next?

May 272012

The Sunday just prior to Memorial Day is always a big race day:  the infamous Indy 500, and the longest NASCAR race….the Coca-Cola 600.

Congratulations to Dario Franchitti winning his third Indy 500 race (he also won in 2007 and 2010).

And congratulations to Kasey Kahne winning his third Coca Cola 600 race (he also won in 2006 and 2008)

When I think about the fast cars in these popular racing events, I also think about the crystal cars that Swarovski has produced.

While the crystal brand never sold and marketed them, the Swarovski Porsche cars were available at Porsche dealerships.  There were eight different Swarovski car model replicas produced from 2002 through 2007.

Swarovski Car - Porsche

Swarovski Porsche Carrera GT, Limited Edition of 1500

The crystal brand did offer the Swarovski Old Timer Automobile from 1989 through 1995.  It was designed by Gabriele Stamey.  The official identification numbers for this crystal car figurine are: 7473 000 001 and 151 753.  While the Swarovski Old Timer Auto originally retailed for $150, at present day, it typically trades in the $95 to $125 price range.

Swarovski Car - Old Timer Automobile

Swarovski Old TImer Automobile

Crystal Exchange America does have a number of these retired Swarovski Car figurines available in their online store.  At their store web site,,  go to the ‘Other Silver Crystal’ category, then the sub-category ‘Transportation’.

May 062012

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and I thought it would seem most fitting to write about Swarovski Horses!  First, congratulations to “I’ll Have Another” and the entire team for this amazing race horse for successfully taking the win in the “The Run for the Roses”!  I read in one article that the name origin for “I’ll Have Another” stems from the owner’s wife baking chocolate chip cookies, and the owner’s response to the cookies saying “I’ll Have Another“.  (Must be yummy cookies!)

Here is a bit of information horse terminology.  There are 3 types of horses the Stallion, the Mare, and the Foal. A Filly and a Colt are both Foals.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced a number of Swarovski Horse figurines.  Kristall Buzz contains an article about Swarovski Stallion figurines, which includes the Swarovski Amurath, Swarovski Arabian Stallion, Swarovski White Stallion, Swarovski Stallion, and Swarovski Satin Stallion.

The crystal company also produced a Mare figurine, which is now retired.  The Swarovski Mare was designed by Stefanie Nederegger and available from 2006 through 2011.  The crystal mare was about 5.5 inches long and originally retailed for $380.

The crystal giant has also produced 2 different foals figurines: Swarovski Foals and Swarovski Foals Playing.  The clear Swarovski Foals were available 2003 through 2011.  The colorful Swarovski Foals launched in 2011, in effect replacing the clear variety.  Both Foals products were designed by Martin Zendron.

Another retired figurine is Swarovski The Horse.  Mario Dilitz is the credited for this figurine that was available from 2004 through 2006.  Part of the (no longer used theme group) Symbols, this crystal horse was about 5.5 inches tall and originally retailed for $385.

Trying to mention ALL the Swarovski crystal horse figurines, the crystal brand also produced some solid-colored horses in the Circus group.  Below the list includes Swarovski product name, product identification numbers, years available, and original retail price (since many are still available).

The Swarovski Lovlots Horses wered designed by Peter Heidegger. These Lovlots Horses include:

  • Swarovski Jade, Limited Edition (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 294 / 1 073 338.  2011 only.  MSR $80.
  • Swarovski Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 302 / 1 079 474. 2011 – 2012.  MSR $250.
  • Swarovski Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 293 / 1 073 336.  2011 – 2012.  MSR $80.

There are also Swarovski Zodiac Horses:

The grand-daddies of Swarovski Horse figurines are the Swarovski Amurath and the Swarovski NLE Wild Horses.  Both the Swarovski Crystal Myriad and Wild Horses are Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions.  While the Amurath was limited to only 300 units world-wide, it did have a retail price tag of $8000 compared to an SCS LE, which was limited to 10,000 units-worldwide and a retail price tag of $4000.

Many of these Swarovski Horse figurines can be found on either the crystal brand’s official web site or at, a web site that focuses mostly on retired and limited edition Swarovski crystal.

May 052012

The Swarovski Wild Horses were the third Swarovski NLE produced for SCS members, available in 2001.  This Swarovski masterpiece celebrated 25 years for the Swarovski Silver crystal product line.  The Swarovski Limited Edition Wild Horses are my favorite of the NLE that was produced by the crystal giant.

Swarovski Wild Horses, Limited Edition in 2001

Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition Wild Horses

The NLE Wild Horses were designed by Martin Zendron, who is credited with over 80 figurines to date.  The Swarovski Wild Horses were a result researching and watching mustangs in North America and horses in the Austrian Alps.

10,000 Swarovski Wild Horses were produced, along with 150 production samples.  This Swarovski NLE was the first NLE to utilize frosted accents.  Frosting was used on the manes and tails, along with the flat base that the pair of clear horses is attached to.  The 2001 Wild Horses is just over 13” long and is about 5 ½” tall.  Swarovski assigned the part number 7607 000 003 and system number 236 720 to the 2001 Wild Horses.

Like all the previous Swarovski NLE, the Wild Horses came in a grey leather-like suitcase, with gloves and a cleaning cloth.  This suitcase lock for this figurine does not use a key like previous NLE cases (Eagle and Peacock).  This was more convenient to avoid issues with key loss, as well as it being more secure with 2 separate latches.  Additionally, this figurine is accompanied by an official signed Swarovski certificate that includes the unique sequence number that matches the laser-engraved number in the base of the Wild Horses.  A full color presentation book was also included in the box

The Wild Horses has a separate black wooden stand to make the figurine a bit more stable.  Swarovski also used the concept of a separate display stand for 4 NLE.  (I never cared for the display stands as this blocked light in my crystal cabinet making it more difficult to enjoy figurines displayed on shelves below the stands.)

The Numbered Limited Edition Swarovski Wild Horses had the 2nd highest original MSRP of $4000, outdone only by the Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros in 2008 at $4125.  On the secondary market, the Wild Horses is out-performing all the other Swarovski NLE, presently selling at $3900 – $4700 for recent transactions.

If you want to own the unique Swarovski crystal masterpiece, the Swarovski Wild Horses, available only to SCS members in 2001, Crystal Exchange America does have a few available.  Simply visit their online store at and then navigate to the Collector Society / SCS category, then SCS Annual & Limited Editions.

May 022012

In 1995, Swarovski produced one of its first numbered limited edition figurines, the Swarovski Limited Edition Eagle.  My parents were charter SCS members and I remember them being notified of the exclusive offer available to USA collectors….the opportunity to purchase this figurine at a retail price of $1750.   Within hours of the notification, they rushed to the local FedEx facility and overnighted the required paperwork and payment…after all, there were only 2900 of 10,000 allocated to the USA SCS members….who wouldn’t be in a rush?

Swarovski 1995 Limited Edition Eagle

1995 Limited Edition Swarovski Eagle

Meanwhile, it seems that all other areas of the crystal-collecting world had little to no restrictions for consumers.  While it is unclear how many were reserved for the various markets, in Canada and in Europe, there was no prerequisite for the paying customer to be an SCS member, nor any rule indicating that there was only one Swarovski Eagle per customer.  So, in 1995, in other regions, “anyone” could walk into a store that had the Numbered Limited Edition Eagle and purchase 2 or 3 if the store had them available.  While the purchase process was quite select in the USA, leading collectors to think this was perhaps a premium offering, that was not quite the case.  And in 1995, with the internet still in infancy, no one knew any different.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Eagle sold out in the USA very quickly.  USA Swarovski collectors who pondered the opportunity to purchase most likely missed out.  Secondary market prices began to rise quickly.  By 1998 / 1999, the Swarovski Eagle was selling in the $6500 – $7500 price range.  Prices settled down, and remained steady at $4900 – $5500 2003 through 2005.

Broken / Damaged 1995 Limited Edition Swarovski Eagle

Unglued Swarovski Limited Edition 1995 Eagle

Around 2002, we began hearing stories, and experiencing first hand, feathers detaching from the wings, wings detaching from bodies, and bodies detaching from bases.  For the most part, this was an issue of the glue letting loose and mostly occurring during shipping.  The damage to the Swarovski Eagle became a bigger problem when shipping carriers (US Mail, UPS,  FedEx, etc) would deny claims since this was likely a manufacturer issue, not a rough handling issue.  But when little feathers detached and would rattle around inside the box, many feathers and other crystal components became nicked and chipped, ultimately leaving very little worth or salvage to the remainder of the Limited Edition Eagle.

So about this time, Crystal Exchange America changed their policies on selling Eagles.  The Swarovski Numberd Limited Edition Eagle would have to be personally delivered or personally picked up to avoid the Eagle from becoming damaged.  If delivered, the company would basically buy a contractor a seat on a plane, arrange a meeting place and time for the contractor and buyer to meet for the exchange, and fly the contractor home.  Crystal Exchange America continued selling the Swarovski Eagle in this fashion until 2008.

In 2008, Crystal Exchange America ceased selling the Swarovski Eagle.  More and more eagles were coming unglued in display cases, as well as inside the manufacturer packaging.  The risk was simply far too great that something would go awry on such a high dollar figurine.  Also, in 2007 and 2008 Swarovski Eagle prices dropped dramatically, with an average selling price of just under $4000.

Why does the ‘unglue’ issue occur on the Swarovski 1995 Eagle?  I believe there are two main reasons.

  1. Less was known about the adhesive and its long-term bonding on very large figurines.  Remember…this was the biggest figurine ever produced.
  2. There was such little surface area to glue, that makes it more difficult to maintain a strong bond.

So, now, in 2012, what is happening with the 1995 Limited Edition Swarovski Eagle?  I checked ebay, and there are only a few completed sales on them, with prices ranging $2400 – $2900.  Prices seem quite low these days.  If you are a Swarovski crystal collector, I’d suggest purchasing the Swarovski Limited Edition 2011 Bald Eagle instead…..I would not recommend buying the 1995 Eagle since the ‘detaching’ is quite wide-spread at this point.  It does not matter if the Eagle is on display or safely stored in its shipping suitcase, detachment is a serious problem and concern for such an expensive figurine.

If you have the 1995 Limited Edition Eagle, and it is no longer intact, you can contact for a reglue quote.  The Crystal Wizard can re-assemble the 1995 Limited Edition Eagle with proper factory adhesive so that it does look brand new again.

We frequently hear stories of collectors pulling them out of storage thinking they’ve got to be worth $10,000 or more by now.  Sadly, when they phone us about selling, they get the unexpected news that the value is far, far less.  And the news gets worse, when they physically remove it from the case, and the Swarovski 1995 Eagle is broken or comes apart.  At that point, we can only suggest they sell it damaged / as is, or pay for a professional to reglue the entire figurine.

While this article is not one of a positive nature, I hope that it does provide some insight if you are considering to purchase the 1995 Swarovski NLE Eagle or that it offers an alternative if yours is not ‘whole’ that you may have options so that it could be beautifully displayed in your case.

May 012012

Crystal Exchange America recently sold a Swarovski Trimlite Alligator for the attractive price of $75!  Swarovski collectors know that the Trimlite figurines are some of the more difficult pieces to find, so finding one at this price was a plus!

Swarovski has produced two crystal alligators that I am familiar with:

Swarovski Trimlite Alligator

Trimlite Alligator by Swarovski

Swarovski Trimlite Alligator

Trimlite Alligator Belly

Swarovski Trimlite Chandelier Body, Trimlite Logo

Swarovski Trimlite Chandelier Body, Trimlite Logo


Trimlite Alligator – 52504.  This Swarovski  Alligator was produced 1982 through 1988 and originally retailed for $18.   The Trimlite Alligator is just under 2.5 long.  It has a clear crystal stone for the body, with a lot of gold-colored trim, which is typical of the Trimlite product line.  The body stone for the alligator is a former chandelier component.  The hole for the component is highlighted in the photo.  The Trimlite logo “T” is stamped into the underside of the alligator head metal and is also highlighted in the same photo.  The year 1982 is stamped below the Trimlite “T”.

Swarovski Silver Crystal Alligator

Swarovski Silver Crystal Alligator

Silver Crystal Swarovski Alligator – 7661 000 005 / 221 629.  This Swarovski Alligator was produced 1998 through 2004 and originally retailed for $75.  The Silver Crystal Alligator is approximately 3” long.  The head, body, legs, and tail are all clear crystal.  This alligator figurine has the Swarovski Swan logo on it.

I don’t know of any ‘alligator collectors’, but if you are, Crystal Exchange America still has a couple of all-crystal (Silver Crystal product line) alligators still available in their online store.  Swarovski Alligator figurines are located within the Animals category of the store.