May 052012

The Swarovski Wild Horses were the third Swarovski NLE produced for SCS members, available in 2001.  This Swarovski masterpiece celebrated 25 years for the Swarovski Silver crystal product line.  The Swarovski Limited Edition Wild Horses are my favorite of the NLE that was produced by the crystal giant.

Swarovski Wild Horses, Limited Edition in 2001

Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition Wild Horses

The NLE Wild Horses were designed by Martin Zendron, who is credited with over 80 figurines to date.  The Swarovski Wild Horses were a result researching and watching mustangs in North America and horses in the Austrian Alps.

10,000 Swarovski Wild Horses were produced, along with 150 production samples.  This Swarovski NLE was the first NLE to utilize frosted accents.  Frosting was used on the manes and tails, along with the flat base that the pair of clear horses is attached to.  The 2001 Wild Horses is just over 13” long and is about 5 ½” tall.  Swarovski assigned the part number 7607 000 003 and system number 236 720 to the 2001 Wild Horses.

Like all the previous Swarovski NLE, the Wild Horses came in a grey leather-like suitcase, with gloves and a cleaning cloth.  This suitcase lock for this figurine does not use a key like previous NLE cases (Eagle and Peacock).  This was more convenient to avoid issues with key loss, as well as it being more secure with 2 separate latches.  Additionally, this figurine is accompanied by an official signed Swarovski certificate that includes the unique sequence number that matches the laser-engraved number in the base of the Wild Horses.  A full color presentation book was also included in the box

The Wild Horses has a separate black wooden stand to make the figurine a bit more stable.  Swarovski also used the concept of a separate display stand for 4 NLE.  (I never cared for the display stands as this blocked light in my crystal cabinet making it more difficult to enjoy figurines displayed on shelves below the stands.)

The Numbered Limited Edition Swarovski Wild Horses had the 2nd highest original MSRP of $4000, outdone only by the Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros in 2008 at $4125.  On the secondary market, the Wild Horses is out-performing all the other Swarovski NLE, presently selling at $3900 – $4700 for recent transactions.

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