Jun 062012

Make room for more wildlife in the Lovlots City!  The crystal giant shares information about the initial sleuth of bears in its Swarovski Bo Bear launch:

  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Heavy Metal.  This Lovlots Bo Bear sounds like he may be a punk rocker, or perhaps the goth one in the group with his dark, skull attire.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Naughty But Nice.  This Lovlots Bo Bear will be ‘the one to watch’.  He’ll be appearing as both an angel and a devilish figurine.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Brilliant.  This Lovlots Bo Bear will have 70 crystals set in the Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Sweet.  Swarovski does not say much about the characteristics of this Lovlots Bo Bear, only that it is a great way to say “I love you”.  They  leave it to our imagination!

Swarovski did not include any product images with the news.  From the sketch of teddy bears with the announcement, the Bo Bears appear a bit ‘Hello Kitty’-like to me with a large head and product cuteness drawing in the consumer collector.

The crystal brand did some product realignment at the beginning of the year, with the end result being that the Swarovski Kris Bears are Lovlots Kris Bears.  Hopefully the Kris Bears will be glad to see the Bo Bears in their Lovlots city turf.

In the Swarovski News announcements to its SCS members, the company reveals that the Swarovski Bo Bears will not be ‘exclusively crystal’ figurines.  They provide a hint that there will be ‘other various materials’.  Yet another aspect that Swarovski is leaving for crystal fanatics to figure out.

Swarovski Bo Bear figurines will be available on the online shoppe in early July.  About 1 week later, there will be accessorizing jewelry and charms in the online shoppe.  There is no mention of figurine size or price point.  Perhaps since Swarovski is incorporating ‘other materials’ into the products, these teddy bears may be less expensive?

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