Jun 162012

Early last week, I shared information I found in a Swarovski announcement about their newest members of the Lovlots assortment ….Swarovski Bo Bears.  Today, I have more information about the Lovlots Bo Bears!

The official news from the crystal brand’s own web sites indicate that they will reside on the Lovlots Campus.  The Bo Bears are a ‘contemporary interpretation of the popular teddy bear’.

Swarovski Lovlots Bo Bear Crystal Teddy Bear Figurines

Swarovski Bo Bears

From my research, all the Swarovski teddy bears appear to be about 2 ½” tall, and will retail in the $125 to $175 price range.  Left to right in the Bo Bears Campus image are…

  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Brilliant.  So Brilliant Bo Bear will have 70 crystals set in the Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Heavy Metal.  Heavy Metal Bo Bear sounds like it may be a punk rocker, or perhaps the goth one in the group with his dark, skull attire.  This one surely reminds me of the Soulmates Skull released in August, 2011!
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – So Sweet.  So Sweet Bo Bear is the ideal Valentine gift, a great way to say “I love you”.
  • Swarovski Bo Bear – Naughty But Nice.  Naughty But Nice Bo Bear will be ‘the one to watch’.  It will be appearing as both an angel and a devilish figurine.

Swarovski crystal fanatics can find out all the past and new Swarovski Lovlots releases, 2006 through present.

The Lovlots Bo Bears are scheduled for release in their online shoppe July 9.   Bo Bear Jewelry, Charms, and Accessories are set for release the following week July 16.

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