Jul 272012

It was 13-14 months ago when we posted Swarovski Hello Kitty News that a Hello Kitty product line was launching from the crystal brand’s web site.

In its first launch, there were about 3 crystal figurines, a 2011 Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition, and lots of jewelry and accessories.

Here we are, one year later, and the crystal giant has added more Swarovski crystal figurines, limited editions, and accessories to the Swarovski Hello Kitty product line.  The 2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty releases mostly have a ‘rock inspired design.  As you look at each of the new introductions, you will see that Hello Kitty is connecting with her wilder side and she is less about cute and innocent.

Swarovski Hello Kitty 2012 Figurines: Limited Editions and Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Hello Kitty: LE 88, LE 2012, Hello Kitty Gold Bow, & Hello Kitty Santa

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is limited to just 88 units world-wide, with a retail price tag of $8000.  It very much resembles the Hello Kitty Gold Bow, but this one is using the glittering crystal Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Hearts, Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear and she is wearing a pretty pink dress and lovely rose-colored Pointiage® bow consisting of 600 crystals.  The Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall and has a retail price tag of $600.  It appears that this figurine should be available for most of 2012.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Gold Bow – This Hello Kitty figurine is crystal satin (gray) instead of clear and she sports a black jacket and yellow bow (instead of red or pink).   While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Santa – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear naturally wearing a Santa-red jacket, a Santa hat, and a Santa-red bow.   The candy cane she is holding appears to be Santa red (siam) and crystal moonlight (one of the colors that the 2011 AE polar bear cubs wars available in). While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.  While I did not find an official launch date for this figurine, I’m assuming that it is October since that is when most of the holiday figurines will be available from Swarovski.

(See Swarovski Hello Kitty Size Upate post from August 4 for correct figurine dimensions.)

Other Swarovski Hello Kitty Accessories include:

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Charms – The 2 new charms are the Hello Kitty Rock Charm and Hello Kitty Guitar Charm.  The Hello Kitty Candy Charm is on sale at 50% off if you are looking for a deal!
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Fashion Accessories  – Of the 12 items in this category, there are 3 new items and 5 items that are 50% off.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Jewelry –  There are a few new items and plenty of sale items. In this category, there are plenty of Hello Kitty Pendants, Hello Kitty Bracelets, Hello Kitty Necklaces, Hello Kitty Pierced Earrings, and Hello Kitty Rings.

So, if you are a Hello Kitty fanatic, check out the new rock-inspired figurines and jewelry at the Swarovski shoppe now!

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