Aug 042012

Last week I posted about the 2012 Releases in the Swarovski Hello Kitty product line.  In the post, I included size information taken directly from the crystal brand’s own web site, but included my own questions about the accuracy of the Hello Kitty dimensions as the price seemed incredibly low for such big crystal figurines.

It is a great compliment to know that Swarovski does read our blog!  A few days after the blog article posted, I received an email from Swarovski with the correct size dimensions for each of the 2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty releases:

2012 Introductions for the Swarovski Hello Kitty Product Line

2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty Figurines

The email did not state when the web site would be updated with correct dimensions, so make a mental note of these sizes before placing your final order at the Swarovski Shoppe to avoid size-disappointment.

All Hello Kitty Swarovski fanatics can head on over to the Swarovski site for more information about the figurines and place their orders!

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