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Following the Swarovski Lovebirds, the Swarovski Woodpeckers was the second figurine in the ‘Caring and Sharing’ series.  The Woodpeckers ‘Sharing’, were available for purchase only in 1988 by Swarovski SCS members.  By then, SCS membership had grown and was available in more countries than just the English-speaking ones.

Swarovski SCS Woodpeckers -1988 Annual Edition 'Sharing',

Swarovski SCS Woodpeckers - 'Sharing', 1988 Annual Edition


The Swarovski Sharing Woodpeckers stands just over 4” tall.  It is a figurine with 2 clear birds, attached a frosted tree trunk.  The birds are a mother woodpecker (the bird with the full body) and a baby woodpecker, with its head peeking out of the tree.  Since the figurines are hand-assembled, we often see the woodpeckers at various angles and proximity from each other.  Sometimes the beaks are so close that you can barely slip a piece of paper between them, while other figurines may have the woodpeckers situated such that the beaks are nearly ¼” apart.

Adi Stocker is the designer of the Swarovski Woodpeckers.  The SCS Woodpeckers were the first SCS figurine he created with full credit from the crystal brand.  Since that year, Adi Stocker has designed 4 other Swarovski AE figurines.


The Sharing Woodpeckers contain the ‘backstamp / bottomstamp’, which is included for the sake of authenticity.  Looking closely at the underside of the frosted tree trunk, the year “88” can be seen.  Per Swarovski’s definition, the designer’s initials “A St” should be visible, but it must be very faint.

Backstamp of the Swarovski 1988 SCS Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Backstamp (Frosted Base)

The Woodpeckers were known using the Swarovski part number DO1X881, and when Swarovski began using system numbers for identification, 014 745 was divulged, so it can be identified using either number.

Since the 1988 SCS Woodpeckers, the crystal giant has produced other Swarovski woodpecker figurines:

  • Swarovski Woodpeckers, Black Diamond  by Elisabeth Adamer.  These Swarovski Woodpeckers, in the Paradise line, retires in 2012.
  • Swarovski Woodpecker, Ziggy by Edith Mair.  This Woodpecker, in the Lovlots line, was a limited edition figurine available in 2010 only.

The SCS Swarovski Woodpeckers retailed for $165 USD in 1988.  The purchase price included the crystal figurine, an octagon-shaped display mirror, a custom box for the figurine, and a Swarovski COA (certificate of authenticity).    The Swarovski Woodpeckers,  in mint condition, complete with mirror, and original packaging can usually be purchased on the secondary market for $1000 – $1400, from Swarovski expert dealers, like Crystal Exchange America.

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