Oct 102011

Swarovski has produced and uploaded a video to YouTube about the Lovlots Theo traveling the globe.  The video shows Lovlots Theo (not to be confused with Theo the Turtle) at various locations in SouthEast Asia.


Swarovski Theo is a black cat, posed in a Halloween position and designed by Edith Mair.  Theo the cat is in the Lovlots collection, specifically the grouping “House of Cats”.  Theo was the Limited Edition Lovlots figurine for 2009.  Other Swarovski House of Cats character kitties that reside in the posh Lovlots Park Hills district include:

  • Swarovski Diane – 988017, retires in 2011.  Pale chocolate cat modeling her strand of pearls designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Emily – 995045.  Fashion fuschia feline, with a butterfly resting on her ear, designed by Peter Heidegger.
  • Swarovski Marie and Pierre – 995011, retires in 2011.  Pale blue and pale burgundy pair of romancing kitties designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Ines – 995008.  Soft seal cat, decorated with a choker, designed by Edith Mair.
  • Swarovski Camille – 995006, retires in 2011. A sleeping bronze cat designed by Stefanie Nederegger.

Like any manufacturer, Swarovski is about promoting new and current products.  I’m a bit confused as to their selection of figurines for this video… a retired black cat.  Perhaps because Theo photographed well (taking good pictures of crystal can be tricky!)?  Perhaps they are planning to introduce a bigger Theo?  Only Swarovski knows the answer to this question.

Toward the end of the video, they mention taking pictures of Theo on his journey around the world and posting them to Facebook for a prize.  So there is some kind of Swarovski Theo Competition on the horizon, but I was not able to locate any further information on the subject.

If you are planning to participate in the Swarovski Theo Contest, and do not have this Limited Edition Lovlots figurine in your collection, you can find Swarovski Theo at www.crystalexchange.com .  Simply use the search feature and type in “Theo” (without quotes).  Be sure to purchase the limited edition cat as I don’t believe Swarovski wants to see the Theo the Tortoise in photograph submissions!

Oct 092011

Several days ago, I saw the Swarovski News that the crystal brand had released an ’app’ in the Apple iTunes store.  This free app, for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, is called Swarovski Refract.

Swarovski Refract Screen Shots

Actual Swarovski Refract Screen Shots

The Swarovski Refract App allows users to play with triangular shapes, lights, colors, and sounds.  In short, a player generates a triangle with sparkling tips then moves this shape around the screen to change the colors and sounds it generates.  The triangle shapes and sizes can also be modified.  During the play, sounds will be heard based on the various combinations of triangle order, size, and color to produce a brief tune.

Swarovski Refract comes with about 10 predefined compositions ranging in length from 1 to 3 minutes.  There is one that is 22+ minutes long.

The Swan in the upper left corner acts like a home button, bringing up the main menu and options.  There are three features in the app that are initially locked, and can be unlocked by completing simple tasks.  One  feature is Duck J, which adds some funky rhythms and percussion beats to  the sounds. Another feature is the Nirvana Ring Feature, which adds some extra sparkle on the screen.  The remaining feature is Chaton feature, which adds some unique shape-echoing shadowing on the screen.

Swarovski Refract (simulated screen)

Swarovski Refract (simulated screen)

Of course, the crystal brand wants to promote Swarovski Refract via  composition-sharing.  Features in the app allow sharing via email, Facebook, and entering it into a competition.

The Swarovski Refract competition runs thru October 14, and the grand prize winner receives an iPad2 with a limited edition Swarovski crystal embellished iPad2 case.  A panel of 5 judges will select the top 10 entries for posting to Facebook, where Facebook fans will then vote on their favorite crystalline composition.

I found another app in the iTune store that was an interesting play on touch and lights.  Called ‘Uzu’, it costs 99 cents to $1.99 depending on whether a user wants it for an iPod or iPad.  In it, a player touches the screen with 1 to 10 fingers, moving them around to generate some very busy action:  spirals, confetti, falling stars, and more, but without the sound or music.  A demo of Uzu can be found on YouTube.

Swarovski fanatics will find the Swarovski Refract App entertaining.  And with some patience, create a remarkable composition worth sharing, and perhaps winning!  Best of luck to anyone entering the Swarovski Refract competition!


Oct 062011

Swarovski and SCVNGR teamed up for a scavenger / treasure hunt in London on September 24.  Approximately 500 couples participated in the event .  A few days ago, Swarovski posted a video on YouTube with some highlights of the hunt.


The theme of the Swarovski event was “Discover Your Light”.  Teams had 40 to 50 challenges to complete during the affair which appeared to last about 2 hours.

Early in the video, there are some glimpses of the Swarovski Mini Cooper that was previewed just before the Royal Wedding in April, 2011.  (Glad to see it getting a few miles on it!)  At the end of the video, when the winners are making a few comments, the Swarovski Mini Cooper can again be seen.

Swarovski boutiques and notable London landmarks are captured in the video.  Contestants are using their smart phones and iPads in an effort to win that grand prize.

I’m hoping that Swarovski makes notes of all the positive points, looks at the issues that may have caused a few bumps, this brings this adventure to the USA.  It sounds to be great fun, with some Swarovski crystal perks along the way!

Oct 042011

Just last week, Sir Elton John has begun a three-year residency in Las Vegas in the “Million Dollar Piano Show”.

The Swarovski crystal glow will be present in the show as this world-famous singer, tailor and personal friend Richard James, and Swarovski have teamed up creating the most glittering wardrobe ever.  The wardrobe consists of 15 suits, 22 shirts, and 24 pairs of sunglasses worn throughout the concert performances and a sparkling cape worn during the finale.

This YouTube video features Nadja Swarovski and Richard James and their attire collaboration for this incredible artist, Elton John.  In the video, they tell us about the stunning 1.7 million Swarovski Elements stones that were used in the custom costume creation.

Noteworthy quotes from the singer and the crystal brand….

Sir Elton John: “I’ve always been a huge admirer of Swarovski and to work with them in this capacity is a dream come true.”

Nadja  Swarovski,  Member  of  the  Executive  Board,  Swarovski  Crystal  Business,  commented:  “I’ve been a fan of Elton’s music for years and so I’m especially excited about Swarovski’s involvement in the ‘Million Dollar Piano’ through working  with  Richard  James  on  these  extraordinary  costumes.  Elton  is one of the most legendary performers and Richard is one of Britain’s best tailors – together they have created a dazzling spectacle that will take audiences’ breath away.”

More information can be found in the Swarovski Elton John press release. Photos of Elton John in his Swarovski-embellishd suits can be viewed at the Swarovski Press Centre.

Swarovski Crystal Fanatics….If you are in Las Vegas in October, 2011, you can check out his upcoming shows.  He is at The Colosseum at Caeser’s Palace.  TicketMaster shows availability for many weekend dates with ticket prices $55 – $500 depending on the date and seat location.

Sep 252011

It appears that Swarovski is putting a larger emphasis on the Men’s Collection in their marketing and advertising.  Today, when I was at the Swarovski web site, I noticed the scrolling marquis (below the huge Hello Kitty frame) now contains a section labeled “Especially for Men” “N the Skull” with a feature picture of the new skull accessory.

Swarovski Skull

Swarovski Skull


I think it’s great that men are becoming a target audience for product development, considering just how many male crystal collectors that there are.  As for the Swarovski Skull figurine, I’m still a bit shocked by the masculine figurine.

If you follow the link for Swarovski Men’s section, it leads to the first page of several for a Swarovski Men’s Jewelry line.  On this jewelry page, the 2 different sized skull figurines appear.  While I was surprised to find it mixed in with (men’s) jewelry, I was equally surprised that when I searched the store with the term ‘soul mate’  that the skull did not appear in the search results.  After all, the retailer that shared the new product with me indicated that it was a part of the Swarovski Soulmates collection.

In short, if you are looking to purchase the Swarovski Skull figurine, it may be easiest to find it on the Swarski web site by searching the term ‘skull’.


Sep 202011

We have some great news for our Canadian crystal fanatics friends!  We have recently learned that there is a signing event in Toronto!  The Swarovski Designers in attendance will be Anton Hirzinger and Heinz Tabertshofer.

Where:  Swarovski Store in Toronto Canada
Address: 2 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Time: 1:00 – 5:00pm

Forms are being mailed out and need to be returned to Swarski Canada by September 28, 2011.  Tickets with signing times, will be mailed to Swarovski collectors in the last 2 weeks of October.

Swarovski crystal collectors may contact the Swarovski Canada or the store for more information.
TEL 905.752.0498 or 800.461.6125

Sep 152011

This sounds like fun….a Swarovski Treasure Hunt!  I was uncertain was the article was going to lead into when I read that SCVNGR and the famous crystal brand were co-sponsoring a city-wide treasure hunt in the London, UK.  I had to read on.

Summarizing, on September 24, 2011, there is a BIG treasure hunt going on in London.  Up to 1300 couples can pre-register and share in this grand 3-hour event.  Participants must download an iPhone or Android app to participate in this usual diversion.

So what is motivating these teams to become involved in the treasure hunt filled with hidden prizes? Swarovski presents, Swarovski perfume, and Swarovski jewelry, valuing at nearly $1000 per person if all the tasks are accomplished.  That would certainly motivate me!

And the prizes get bigger!  Three teams will be awarded grand prize trips to “Kristallwelten, Austria and a five-night stay in a fashion capital such as Paris, Florence, Barcelona or Istanbul”.  How great is that!

This Swarovski Treasure Hunt sounds sooooo amazing!  To register or get more information, Swarovski fanatics can check out the Swarovski site at : http://www.swarovski.tv/discoveryourlight/ .

I hope that SCVNGR and Swarovski will consider a venue a bit closer to Ohio (USA).  I’d seriously have to consider upgrading to an iPhone to be a part of such an exciting and challenging affair!

Sep 142011

Great news for Swarovski Crystal Society members….the golden 2011 Ornament, which is exclusive to the Swarovski SCS members, is now available on the Swarovski web site for purchase!  This special Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament is limited to one per member, and is only available through the end of 2011.

Our favorite crystal brand began producing Swarovski AE ornaments in 2009.  Being a success, Swarovski continued the trend into 2010 and 2011.  The primary difference between the annual edition Swarovski Ornament and the SCS Ornament, is that the Swarovski SCS ornament is ‘Golden Shine’ in color instead of clear.  Additional differences include the gold-colored ribbon that it hangs from, and the special gold-colored packaging in lieu of the traditional blue Swarovski Box.

Swarovski SCS Ornaments

Swarovski 2009 SCS Ornament (left), Swarovski 2010 SCS Ornament (center), and Swarovski 2011 SCS Ornament (right)

Pictured is a complete collection of Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow Ornaments.

If you are a Swarski SCS member and have not yet begun your collection of these limited edition ornaments, it’s not too late.  Crystal Exchange America has both the 2009 and 2010 editions available.  As a hint, ornaments are most expensive during the Christmas holiday season, so pricing will be more attractive now, than in another two months.  To find them on the web site of this ‘retired Swarovski dealer’, go to www.CrystalExchange.com .  Then check out the category ‘Christmas and Ornaments’.  Not only will you find the Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow ornaments, you’ll find many other Swarovski ornaments dating back to 1987.

Sep 102011

On the crystal brands own web site, there is Swarovski News about a Hollywood-style event taking place at the end of October, 2011.  This designer signing event is a gala occasion for avid Swarovski collectors.

The announcement states that this Swarovski crystal gala is October 29, 2011 9:00 – 5:00 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.  The designers attending are Anton Hirzinger and Heinz Tabertshofer.  Anton Hirzinger is the designer who created Swarovski Siku, (2011 SCS member edition), the Polar Bear Cubs that accompany Siku (purchased separately) , and the Arctic Hare (the special event piece).

Planned activities at the Hollywood event include:

  • Having Swarovski crystal figurines signed by these two incredible designers of course!
  • Naturally, plenty of opportunity to purchase more Swarovski crystal!
  • Viewing of the new Crystal Myriad, the Swarovski Longwang Dragon
  • Create a “Walk of Fame” star design
  • A Studio game show, complete with prizes (Swarovski crystal?)
  • 1940’s cocktail party
  • And LOTS more

This truly sounds like an event to remember!

The Crystal Myriad Longwang Dragon sounds interesting.  The other Swarovski Crystal Myriads have been limited editions and retail for $8000 – $16,000 USD.  I am believing that this new Crystal Myriad in 2011 will follow suit being a limited edition.  As far as price goes, that will likely be a function of the production time and quantity produced.  But since the other Crystal Myriads have been out of my budget range, I don’t expect I’ll be adding the Longwang Dragon to my collection either.

Reservations are required and registration deadline is October 21.  Event cost $55 for the afternoon and dinner for SCS members is additional.

More details on this exciting Swarovski event is available on the crystal brand’s website.  I wish I were a lot closer to LA so that I could be there.  I’ll be thinking of all the attending lucky Swarovski crystal collectors on that day!

Sep 052011

Swarovski has uploaded a video to YouTube highlighting the re-opening of Swarovski Innsbruck  nearly 2 weeks ago.  According to the Swarovski video description, “A dazzlingly revamped SWAROVSKI INNSBRUCK reopened its doors on August 26. Located in the center of town in a historic building, the new store is a radiant modern shopping destination. Around four hundred guests assembled at an exclusive opening gala to celebrate the occasion.”

One thing I did notice in the video, were the “crystal-decorated” bugs.  I didn’t know what to make of that, but the source articles below mention presenting the complexity of the world through the motif of a “fruit fly” and an oscillation between science and art.

I found so much information about sightseeing, the community, the renovation, that trying to summarize in a short post would not be possible.  So instead, I’m going to provide a few of the best-quality links for our Swarovski Kristall Buzz readers to follow:

Enjoy the highlights from the video on the Swarovski Innsbruck reopening!

Sep 012011

Earlier this week, figurines for the Swarovski Lady and the Tramp series launched in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Disney Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

The Swarovski Lady and the Tramp presentation includes the four dogs, a title plaque, and a display to present the five crystal figurines in this collection.  The list below also contains the Swarovski system number and MRSP of the newest figurines.  The offerings for the series include:

Wikipedia has more information on the history, plot and storyline of Lady and the Tramp, which was produced by Walt Disney and released to theaters in 1955.

The crystal brand has produced six other Swarovski Disney collaboration series prior to Lady and the Tramp:

  • 2005 – Swarovski Disney Showcase Collection
  • 2007 – Swarovski Winnie the Pooh Collection
  • 2008 – Swarovski Bambi Collection
  • 2009 – Swarovski Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collection
  • 2010 – Swarovski Lion King Collection
  • 2011 – Swarovski Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Collection

For information on which Swarovski Disney figurines are retired, check out the RetiredSwarovski.com site.  If you are looking for some of the older or discontinued Swarovski Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available.  Simply go to the web site www.CrystalExchange.com and look in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

Aug 292011

For all the crystal collectors who may have considered the possibility that the Swarovski Skull was a hoax, the doubt can be cast aside….‘N the Skull’, is now present in the online store!

Swarovski Soulmate Skull

Swarovski Crystal Skull

Our original Swarovski Skull article from July 30, 2011 is confirmed.

The Swarovski Soulmate Skull is offered in two different sizes.  The larger of the two is 4.25” tall.  The system # for this Swarovski Large Skull is 1124219.  This skull retails for $860.  On the Swarovski site, they mention that the design is for men and it is suggested for display in the home or office.  While the Large Skull does appear in the online store, it is not yet available to purchase.

The smaller of the two is about 2.25” tall.  The system # for this Swarovski Skull is 1124215.  This skull retails for $370.  On the Swarovski site, they mention that the design is for men and that it is a compliment to the ‘N the Skull’ jewelry range:  two pendants and a keyring.  This Small Skull is available for purchase now, simply by adding it to your cart and checking out.

Both Swarovski Skulls are made of Jet Hermatite (Black) crystal, accented with ruthenium finish metal accents.

The crystal brand currently produces one other large jet black crystal figurine….the Swarovski Jet Swan.  I’m now wondering if there are plans for other masculine Swarovski crystal figurines, or if other large black figurines are in the works.

Aug 292011

Great news for Swarovski crystal fanatics….The Swarovski Orange Shine Online Limited Edition is available online for purchase

This Swarovski Panther is identical in design to other panthers produced by Swarovski.  That being said, this panther is Orange, and is limited to 888 units of production.  The system number for the Orange Shine Panther is 1096050.  This Swarovski Panther has a price tag of $1100.

Swarovski Limited Online Edition Orange Shine Panther

Swarovski Orange Shine Panther

Other Swarovski Panthers available for purchase from the crystal brand include:

  1. Swarovski Panther (clear) – 9600 000 074 / 874 337.  Introduced in 2007 and retired in 2011.
  2. Swarovski Black Panther – 9600 000 151 / 1060325. Introduced and sold out in 2010.
  3. Swarovski Moroda Panther  – 1096051.  New release for 2011.

The designer for the Swarovski Soulmate Panther figurines is Heinz Tabertshofer .  All the crystal figurines are fully faceted animals attached to black spot granite bases.  The limited editions are engraved in the granite base with a unique # and the words “limited online edition”.

Get your order in quickly if you wish to secure your limited edition orange panther!  The Limited Edition Black Panther sold out in under 48 hours according to the Swarovski web site.  While this one has a higher price tag (about $110 more) and an increase in production of 78% more units, history could very well repeat itself with a quick sell out.

The Limited Edition Black Panther is performing well on the secondary market, with trading prices in the $3000 to $3500 range.  If this is any indication of success for the Limited Edition Orange Shine Panther, you’ll want place your order now, so that you won’t have to pay secondary market prices to add it to your Swarovski crystal collection.

Aug 242011

In a recent press release from Cranston, Rhode Island, Swarovski Optik announces that their new CL Companion Binoculars have been selected as one of the “Best of the Best” for 2011 by Field & Stream Magazine on the new release .  Given out annually, Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” is awarded to the best new products in the hunting and shooting market, and is considered one of the industry’s top awards.

I’m no binoculars expert, so I liked watching this YouTube video about them.

The Companion CL Binoculars aren’t quite as pretty as the sparkly ones shown on the Swarovski crystal brand’s web site, but the award likely says it all.  From what I could find on the internet, prices are:  $999 for the 10×30 and $929 for the 8×30.

Swarovski Bincoluars

Swarovski Bincoluars

The Optik CL Binoculars are featured in the September, 2011 issue of Field & Stream

This is terrific news for Swarovski!  Congratulations on a well-developed new set of binoculars!

Aug 232011

Since the launch of the Lovebirds in 1987, the Swarovski annual editions were created as trilogies:

Swarovski SCS Loyalty Gifts:  Blue Tang Fish and Standing Tiger Cub

Swarovski Loyalty Gift figurines

  • Caring and Sharing (Lovebirds, Woodpeckers, Turtledoves)
  • Mother and Child (Dolphins, Seals, Whales)
  • Inspiration Africa (Elephant, Kudu, Lion)
  • Fabulous Creatures (Unicorn, Dragon, Pegasus)
  • Masquerade (Pierrot, Columbine, Harlequin)
  • Magic of Dance (Isadora, Antonio, Anna)

In 2007, the final year of the “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy (Harmony, Eternity, and Community), Swarovski offered a loyalty gift to an SCS member who purchased all three crystal figurines in the series.  The loyalty gift for “Wonders of the Sea” was the Blue Tang Fish.  If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” clear figurines, the Blue Tang Fish was clear.  If the member purchased all three “Wonders of the Sea” colored figurines, the Blue Tang Fish was colored.  The loyalty gift for this series was never available for purchase;  it had to be earned.

The trilogy offered 2008 through 2010 was “Endangered Species”.  Swarovski SCS members who purchased all three in the series, Pandas, Gorillas, and Tiger, received a Standing Tiger Cub for their loyalty gift.  An identical Standing Tiger Cub was also available for purchase by SCS members for $180, but under a different part number / system number

I found out, albeit the hard way, that my local retailer would sometimes use my SCS number, and other times my husband’s SCS number.  I did not know this until I called Swarovski asking where my loyalty gift was.  I was told that neither number was used for all three years, so I was not eligible to receive the loyalty gift.  I wasn’t sure how that was my fault, nonetheless, no free gift.

These Swarovski loyalty gifts, the two Blue Tang Fish and Standing Tiger Cub, typically sell $125 – $175 on the secondary market or in the online auctions

On the company’s web site, in an exclusive area containing Swarovski news, it is mentioned that there will be a loyalty gift in 2013 for SCS members who purchase annual editions in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  It appears to be a secret at this time…..no clue if it will be complimentary to the annual editions for the three years, or a completely different figurine.  So, knowing that Swarovski is continuing the tradition they began in 2007, make sure that you confirm your SCS number is being used when you make your Swarovski crystal Annual Edition purchase.