Swarovski Experts


Swarovski Experts

Many Swarovski crystal fanatics and collectors may feel as though they are experts, and indeed some may be.  But what is an expert, and how can a Swarovski expert help accomplish goals that owners and collectors have?

By definition, an expert has extensive knowledge and/or skill in a particular area. So is a long-time SCS member and Swarovski collector an expert?  Probably not if the collector merely collects and displays their Swarovski figurines.  So who are the professionals and experts?

Is a long-time book author a Swarovski expert?  A book author, like Jane Warner, who has been publishing books on Swarovski for nearly 20 years would be considered a Swarovski expert.  Annually, she researches new and retired crystal figurine inventories from reputable broker web sites to determine insurance replacement values for Swarovski figurines.  The book is very well-respected by Swarovski collectors and has a huge volume of repeat customers.  Her Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski, can be purchased directly from her website, as well as some large-chain bookstores, and is available in libraries in the USA.  In contrast, authors who write a book on Swarovski, then only publish 1-2 times would not be considered experts since they were ‘in-and-out’ of the industry so quickly.

Is a long-time broker a Swarovski expert?  Crystal Exchange America is a broker who has been online for over 15 years, and would be considered a Swarovski expert. This brokerage service has thousands of satisfied customers world-wide and has handled millions of dollars in Swarovski figurines over the years.  They have seen the rarest of figurines and very expensive ones too.  In addition to their store web site, they author the Kristall Buzz Swarovski Blog.

Who Needs the Service of a Swarovski Expert?

For what reasons would a collector / owner need assistance from a true professional / expert?

  • If you have a collection and are unsure about proper insurance, you basically have 2 options:  researching Swarovski values from ebay which show short-term transactions, or buying a book from a trusted source who does annual research.  Buying a book written by a Swarovski expert would seem the best choice.
  • If you have a collection that needs to be sold, you basically have 2 options:  selling on your own (and this could be very challenging if you are not a collector and do not wish to learn about all the figurines in the collection) or employing a Swarovski expert to do the identification, advertising, and selling for you.  Using the services of a Swarovski expert would be the most logical choice.
  • If you have a damaged or broken crystal figurine, your options will vary based on whether it is current or retired.  If it is current, the figurine may be repaired / replaced using Swarovski warranty services.  If it is retired, the only option would be a Swarovski Restoration Expert who is able to use original and correct components as well as the proper adhesives for the best possible outcome regarding visual display and possible resalabililty.

How Can a Swarovski Expert Help You?

Swarovski experts and professionals are generally glad to help collectors with brief questions about Swarovski crystal figurines.  Most experts are willing to share some basic facts, but when specific questions arise, there will probably be a fee applied or a product purchase required.  Answerable questions include: Is my Swarovski crystal figurine (xyz) retired?  How big / what are the size dimensions of the Swarovski crystal figurine (abc)?  Where can I sell my Swarovski collection?  Most ‘free advice’ is very generic and not very useful.  However, asking the most frequently heard question about the Swarovski Value of a collection will definitely be beyond the scope for ‘complimentary’ advice.  Swarovski Experts typically remain up-to-date in their knowledge and training as well as maintaining favorable leads and connections with the very crystal brand they are, by nature, so closely tied to.

 Swarovski Crystal Article by Angie
August 4, 2012