Feb 082012

Swarovski boutiques and retailers are hosting Jubilation Events at the end of February.

The Swarovski Jubilation takes place February 23  – 26, 2012. The Jubilation is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Swarovski Crystal Society as well as an instant redemption opportunity to purchase the Swarovski Paikea Whale.

Swarovski Paikea Whale offered at Jubilation

Swarovski Jubilation Postcard featuring Swarovski Paikea Whale

Swarovski Tack Pin, Window Gem and Crystallized Chopsticks

SCS Tack Pin, SCS Window Gem and SCS Crystallized Chopsticks



On February 23, a private SCS member reception is being held from 5:00 – 8:00 where exclusive SCS gifts can be obtained with “qualifying” purchases.  From the postcard images, it appears that these SCS gifts include an SCS Window Gem and SCS Crystallized Chopsticks.

For all SCS members who purchase the Swarovski club Annual Edition Swarovski Paikea Whale during the Jubilation, those members will receive a special SCS Tack Pin.

Swarovski crystal fanatics should contact their favorite boutique or store to see if they are hosting a Swarovski Jubilation Event.

If you are a new Swarovski collector, use the Swarovski store finder to find a boutique or authorized retailer closest to you.  Also, new crystal collectors may be interested in obtaining older (retired) Swarovski club figurines.  Retired Swarovski Club figurines from 1987 thru 2011 can be purchased at Crystal Exchange America.  These Swarovski SCS figurines are in the category  “Collector Society / SCS”, sub-category “Annual and Limited Editions”.

Dec 312011

So now, with less than 24 hours til 2012, many Swarovski fanatics have already heard that the 2012 SCS Annual Edition is going to be a Whale named Paikea.  For those that did not know, here are the details about Swarovski Paikea from the Swarovski online shoppe.

The Swarovski 2012 annual edition is a crystal whale that measures 4 3/4 x 6 3/8 inches.  The Swarovski system number is 1095228. The MSRP of the Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale is $530.  Swarovski Paikea is made of shadow crystal with crystal moonlight fins.  The whale is leaping over a wave and includes a title plaque, which is in the shape of a wave.  The designer of Paikea the humpback whale is Stefanie Nederegger.

Swarovski has begun providing personalities and naming the annual editions….Siku the Polar Bear (siku from ‘ice’).  And now Paikea (meaning tame whale), which also has an interesting origin.   This one is a bit longer more difficult to pronounce (PY keh ah).

Here are links to a few pictures posted on the internet and the Swarovski 2012 Whale on ebay

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale (Amazon)

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale

Swarovski Paikea Whale (Swarovski)


Swarovski SCS Whale

Swarovski SCS Whale (Swarovski)


The Swarovski SCS Paikea Whale appears very powerful in this 2012 annual edition representation.  A Swarovski SCS Young Whale, also designed by Stefanie Nederegger, is available to members as an optional purchase.  The system # for the Swarovski Young Whale is 1096741 and it has an MSRP of $180.

Swarovski previously produced a whale as an SCS figurine.  The former Swarovski SCS Whales was available in 1992.  This crystal figurine was a mother and baby whale atop an ocean wave. This SCS whale was designed by Michael Stamey and was a part of the ‘Mother and Child’ trilogy.  Retailing for $265, this Swarovski crystal figurine generally sells in the range of $350 – $400 at present day.

Here’s looking forward to a happy, safe, and healthy new year.  I’m looking forward to getting the Swarovski Paikea for my Swarovski collection!