Jul 192012

Almost one month ago exactly, I wrote a post about the newest Lovlots clould community that was soon to be released…. Swarovski Emotis.  Today, I got an email from Swarovski, (in German!) that the crystal giant has them available in their online store!

Lovlots Emotis: left to right: Hope, Energy, Anger, Love, Curiosity, and Burning Desire

Swarovski Emotis: Hope, Energy, Anger, Love, Curiosity, & Burning Desire

  • Swarovski Emoti Love
    Official Swarovski description: Love is in the air! With a heart filled with love, this little pig spreads love throughout Lovlots City. Crafted in Kakadured crystal with Fuchsia pants and clear crystal feet, this cute design is finished with a heart in fuchsia-toned metal.”
  • Swarovski Emoti Hope
    Official Swarovski description:  “Look on the bright side! Always seeing the sunny side of life, this Emoti brings optimism to Lovlots City. The body in Violet Moonlight crystal and head in Crystal Moonlight accentuate the colorful rainbow in synthetic material.”
  • Swarovski Emoti Energy
    Official Swarovski description:  “It’s electrifying! With a playful lightning bolt, this Emoti energizes the Lovlots. Crafted in Crystal Moonlight, Rosaline Moonlight, and Light Siam crystal, this character sports a cloud in silver-tone synthetic material with a silicon rubber lightning bolt.”
  • Swarovski Emoti Curiosity
     Official Swarovski description:  “What’s up? With its curious nature, this little rabbit is always asking why? One ear shines in Crystal Moonlight, while the other sparkles in Peridot Aurore Boreale crystal in the shape of a question mark.“
  • Swarovski Emoti Burning Desire
    Official Swarovski description: “I’ve got to have this! Everyone will want to have this little bear with flaming red hair burning with desire. With an Aquamarine Aurore Boreale crystal body and red silicon hair.”
  • Swarovski Emoti Anger
    Official Swarovski description:  “I’m about to explode! Resembling a volcano, this Emoti is steaming with anger. Sparkling details in Fireopal Silver Shade and Crystal Moonlight crystal are highlighted by clouds of steam in matt white synthetic material.“

All the Lovlots Emotis have an MSRP of $90 each. Personally, I’m not too fond of these, but who knows…there may be a segment of the Swarovski-collecting population that does.  And we may find a whole new world of emotions that we never even knew existed, that is…. until the Swarovski Lovlots Emotis came along!

Jun 172012

I recently found a Swarovski press release online, that announces the newest Lovlots, the Swarovski Bo Bears and the Swarovski Emotis.

According to the news release, “Lovlots Emotis spread vibrant feelings through the air”.  There will be six of them when the Swarovski Emotis launch from the crystal brand’s web site.  They are:

Lovlots Emotis....Crystal Figurines by Swarovski

Swarovski Lovlots Emotis

  • Swarovski Emoti Anger – This Lovlots Emoti Anger appears to be red with rage and steam rising from his brain, just as if he’s blown his top.
  • Swarovski Emoti Curiosity – This Lovlots Emoti Curiosity obviously questions everything in the world….with one ear even shaped like a question mark.
  • Swarovski Emoti Desire – This Lovlots Emoti Desire is burning with desire, with red flames shooting up from his hair.
  • Swarovski Emoti Energy – This Lovlots Emoti Energy is being stricken by a lightening bolt, with a cloud hovering just above the eyes.
  • Swarovski Emoti Hope – This Lovlots Emoti Hope has a four-colored rainbow spouting from the head.
  • Swarovski Emoti Love – This Lovlots Emoti Love is pink, and resembles a pig to me.   Its heart appears to be pounding with love.

These figurines, like the Swarovski Lovlots Bo Bears, will have other non-crystal components on them as well.  Swarovski will combine faceted crystal with plastic, metal and epoxy for a more modern appeal.

The Lovlots Emotis will not actually reside IN the Lovlots City, but rather in the clouds above them, hovering above the earth.  Swarovski indicates that the Emotis community is invisible to the earth-bound characters, and cast spells on them.  Such spells may cause Lovlots characters to become smitten, frustrated, or energized.

The Swarovski news release did not provide details on a launch date, but I would expect it to be soon since the Bo Bears (in the same release) will be available in just a few weeks.

Swarovski crystal fanatics may view a complete list of Swarovski Lovlots releases, 2006 through 2012 at the Crystal Exchange America web site..

I don’t really “get” these Lovlots Emoti figurines.   I know that in the past, when the crystal giant produced people-figures, the figurines did not go over all that well with Swarovski collectors.  Specifically, I’m referring to the Masquerade trilogy: Swarovski Pierrot (1999), Swarovski Columbine (2000), and Swarovski Harlequin (2001).  And also the Magic of Dance trilogy: Swarovski Isadora (2002), Swarovski Antonio (2003), and Swarovski Anna (2004).  It will be interesting to see how these new Lovlots are received by traditional crystal collectors and newer collectors too.