Jan 202013

The crystal has released two new bunny rabbits, each holding a bouquet of flowers….

Flower Power to the Swarovski Rabbits with Blue and Pink Flowers!

Swarovski Rabbit with Forget-Me-Nots (left)
and Swarovski Rabbit withTulips (right)

The rabbit with the flowers are in the Seasonal Symbols product line, in the theme of Spring.  Both the bunny figurines were designed by Heinz Tabertshofer and retail for $160 each.

Following are the product descriptions from the Swarovski web site:

Swarovski Rabbit with Forget-Me-Not: This cute creation makes an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, or any other occasion! Crafted in clear crystal, the rabbit holds a bunch of forget-me-nots in Sapphire and Light Sapphire crystal with silver-tone metal stems. An Aurora Boreale crystal chaton sparkles at the center of each flower.

Swarovski Rabbit with Tulips: This adorable clear crystal rabbit holds a bunch of tulips in Indian Pink and Light Rose crystal with silver-tone metal stems. Cute and colorful, this charming design makes an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, or any other occasion!

The crystal giant has retired another bunny rabbit with flowers, the Swarovski Rabbit with Poinsettia.  This rabbit figurine has recently sold out at the Swarovski online shoppe, where it was priced at 50% off.

So, flower power to the bunnies!  I wonder if we may be seeing Rabbit with Roses (Kris Bear is holding a rose bouquet, perhaps he’ll share?)

Sep 042011

In 2001, Swarovski began producing small zodiac figurines, but it was not until 2003 that they produced the first Swarovski  Zodiac Rabbit.  Last year (2010), the crystal company produced two more Chinese Zodiac Rabbits.  This exclusive article by the Kristall Buzz contains information and contrasting features about the zodiac Swarovski Rabbit figurines produced by our favorite crystal brand.

Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit Figurines

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit (left), Zodiac Rabbit (center), Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Rabbit (right)

Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit – The first zodiac rabbit was a part of the Swarovski Silver Crystal product line, in the “Chinese Zodiacs” theme group.  This zodiac rabbit is on the smaller side, measuring about 1.25” in height.  The Swarovski identification numbers are 7693 000 009 / 622 845. It was designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The zodiac rabbit was introduced in 2003 and it retired in 2005.  This zodiac rabbit originally retailed for $60.

Zodiac Rabbit Seal on Swarovski figurine

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Seal

In 2010, Swarovski released two more zodiac rabbits.  These rabbits are larger and are in the “Chinese Zodiacs” collection.  Both 2010 releases measure about 4.25” in height.  Both are mounted on a clear crystal base.  Underneath, the clear base in engraved in matte finish with an English and Chinese seal script.  These Zodiac figurines are the result of a collaboration between Swarovski and CAFA.

Swarovski Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – The most common Chinese Zodiac Rabbit can be identified using Swarovski’s part number and system number: 9100 000 190 / 1 046 179 .   The color is silver shade.   It retails for $300.

Swarovski Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac RabbitThe other rabbit is the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit, Limited Edition.  The Swarovski identification numbers are Limited Edition – 9100 000 192 / 1 046 377.  The color for this figurine is golden shine.  It has the inscription ‘Limited Edition 2011’ in the base.  This limited edition figurine was available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau October, 2010 – January 2012.  Being a limited edition, this figurine also includes a special certificate.   Check out the Kristall Buzz article: Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity for Chinese Zodiacs for more information on the certificate.

You are a Rabbit if you were born in these years: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, or 2011 (add or subtract 12 years to continue the pattern).  You Rabbits can google ‘chinese rabbit personality’ for more information on personality traits and characteristics.

All three Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit figurines can be purchased either from Swarovski or a reputable retired Swarovski dealer:

Apr 162011

Effective April 11, 2011 the Swarovski Limited Edition Hare in now available online for purchase.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Hare appears to be made of smokey quartz crystal.  The official color, per the Swarovski site, is ‘satin’.  The smokey gray hare figurine is about 1.5″ by 1.25″.  The Swarovski system number of this rabbit is 1089977.  The retail price of the Swarovski Hare is $60.

Swarovski Limited Edition Hare in Satin Crystal

This cute bunny rabbit is an online exclusive and will not be stocked in Swarovski stores or Swarovski Boutiques and is not likely available for special order.  The Swarovski Hare is a one-time production run.  No mention as to the quantity produced (Swarovski keeps this information secret), but when it is sold out, it will likely be found at the online auctions or at retired Swarovski dealers, perhaps at higher prices.

There are other Swarovski crystal hare, rabbit, and  bunny figurines at the  Swarovski shop online if you want your new bunny displayed among friends:

So, don’t forget to get your Swarovski Hare ordered soon if this item is on your list for 2011 Swarovski crystal must-haves!

Apr 122011

The latest Lovlots series was launched last month, the Swarovski Lovlots circus. Swarovski Benny is among the figurines in this Lovlots series.  Accompanying Swarovski Benny Bunny are Swarovski Jade Dancing Horse, Swarovski Jasmine Dancing Horse, Swarovski Leo Lion, Swarovski Rolly Monkey, Swarovski Rosalie Dancing Horse, Swarovski Toby Elephant, and Swarovski Tony Elephant.

The crystal giant has certainly advertised Jade as a limited edition Swarovski figurine in the Circus series.  The site states that Swarovski Jade is a ‘Limited Edition horse available only available in 2011′.

There is another figurine in the Swarovski Circus collection that the Swarovski site implies may be a limited edition….Swarovski Benny.  Taken directly from the Swarovski Benny product description on the site:  ‘This shy Prince Charming makes a very cute couple with Bella the rabbit! Benny is only available for a limited time while stocks last.’

Swarovski Circus Benny Bunny

I have asked several Swarovski retailers about whether or not Benny is a limited edition, and they seem unaware of the possibility that it could be limited.  I did some searching on the web, and found at least five stores online stating that it is available for a limited time only.  Two store sources told me that it does not have the year on it (like other Limited Edition Lovlots).

The Lovlots Circus Swarovski crystal figurines are all available for purchase on the Swarovski web site.  Simply go to the web site, and do a search on ‘circus’.  The search results will show the eight figurines from the series.

If I should get a Swarovski company confirmation regarding the marketing of Swarovski Benny, I’ll post an update.

Mar 042011
It appears that Swarovski has another Hare / Rabbit / Bunny soon to be released.  This Swarovski Hare is made of Crystal Golden Shadow with jet crystal eyes.  I believe it is the same design as the upcoming Swarovski Limited Edition Hare, but in a different color.

The Swarovski Hare (golden shadow) is about 1.5″ in length and will retail for $60 US.  I found stores accepting pre-orders for this item, and it seems that they should be available near the end of March, which is just before the Swarovski Limited Edition Hareis to launch.

Swarovski Hare in Crystal Golden Shadow

There are a number of retired Swarovski hare / bunny / rabbit designs if you collect the Swarovski crystalbunny figurines:

  • Swarovski Bunny Rabbit – 7678 000 001 / 208 326
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Large (US & Canada only) – 7652 045 000 / 013 725
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini – 7652 020 000 / 010 012
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini Lying – 7678 030 000 / 014 848
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mini Sitting – 7678 040 000 / 014 849
  • Swarovski Rabbit, Mother – 7623 055 000 / 014 850
  • Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit – 7693 000 009 / 622 845

Many of these retired Swarovski  rabbit / hare / bunny designs can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site http://www.crystalexchange.com/ .  At the site, use the search feature, keyword “rabbit”.

Mar 012011
Swarovski has made its official announcement to SCS members about the Swarovski Limited Edition Hare.  The company informs its Swarovski Club members that the limited edition hare will be available in the Swarovski Online shop only (this means not at store retailers or boutiques).  The planned launch date is April 11, 2011.

The Swarovski Limited Edition Hareappears to be made of smokey quartz (gray) crystal.  Swarovski does not mention size, price, or quantity produced in its online announcement.  They do mention that the Swarovski limited edition hare is a global release, so I take it that there are no exclusions as to who can purchase it (sometimes online-only releases are limited to specific countries).

Swarovski Hare, Limited Edition soon available at Swarovski Shop Online only
There are other Swarovski hare / rabbit figurines in the Swarovski shop if you are a bunny collector:

If you are looking for Retired Swarovski Rabbit figurines, many can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site. I believe that all the retired Swarovski crystal rabbits are clear crystal figurines.