May 062012

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and I thought it would seem most fitting to write about Swarovski Horses!  First, congratulations to “I’ll Have Another” and the entire team for this amazing race horse for successfully taking the win in the “The Run for the Roses”!  I read in one article that the name origin for “I’ll Have Another” stems from the owner’s wife baking chocolate chip cookies, and the owner’s response to the cookies saying “I’ll Have Another“.  (Must be yummy cookies!)

Here is a bit of information horse terminology.  There are 3 types of horses the Stallion, the Mare, and the Foal. A Filly and a Colt are both Foals.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced a number of Swarovski Horse figurines.  Kristall Buzz contains an article about Swarovski Stallion figurines, which includes the Swarovski Amurath, Swarovski Arabian Stallion, Swarovski White Stallion, Swarovski Stallion, and Swarovski Satin Stallion.

The crystal company also produced a Mare figurine, which is now retired.  The Swarovski Mare was designed by Stefanie Nederegger and available from 2006 through 2011.  The crystal mare was about 5.5 inches long and originally retailed for $380.

The crystal giant has also produced 2 different foals figurines: Swarovski Foals and Swarovski Foals Playing.  The clear Swarovski Foals were available 2003 through 2011.  The colorful Swarovski Foals launched in 2011, in effect replacing the clear variety.  Both Foals products were designed by Martin Zendron.

Another retired figurine is Swarovski The Horse.  Mario Dilitz is the credited for this figurine that was available from 2004 through 2006.  Part of the (no longer used theme group) Symbols, this crystal horse was about 5.5 inches tall and originally retailed for $385.

Trying to mention ALL the Swarovski crystal horse figurines, the crystal brand also produced some solid-colored horses in the Circus group.  Below the list includes Swarovski product name, product identification numbers, years available, and original retail price (since many are still available).

The Swarovski Lovlots Horses wered designed by Peter Heidegger. These Lovlots Horses include:

  • Swarovski Jade, Limited Edition (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 294 / 1 073 338.  2011 only.  MSR $80.
  • Swarovski Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 302 / 1 079 474. 2011 – 2012.  MSR $250.
  • Swarovski Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 293 / 1 073 336.  2011 – 2012.  MSR $80.

There are also Swarovski Zodiac Horses:

The grand-daddies of Swarovski Horse figurines are the Swarovski Amurath and the Swarovski NLE Wild Horses.  Both the Swarovski Crystal Myriad and Wild Horses are Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions.  While the Amurath was limited to only 300 units world-wide, it did have a retail price tag of $8000 compared to an SCS LE, which was limited to 10,000 units-worldwide and a retail price tag of $4000.

Many of these Swarovski Horse figurines can be found on either the crystal brand’s official web site or at, a web site that focuses mostly on retired and limited edition Swarovski crystal.

May 052012

The Swarovski Wild Horses were the third Swarovski NLE produced for SCS members, available in 2001.  This Swarovski masterpiece celebrated 25 years for the Swarovski Silver crystal product line.  The Swarovski Limited Edition Wild Horses are my favorite of the NLE that was produced by the crystal giant.

Swarovski Wild Horses, Limited Edition in 2001

Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition Wild Horses

The NLE Wild Horses were designed by Martin Zendron, who is credited with over 80 figurines to date.  The Swarovski Wild Horses were a result researching and watching mustangs in North America and horses in the Austrian Alps.

10,000 Swarovski Wild Horses were produced, along with 150 production samples.  This Swarovski NLE was the first NLE to utilize frosted accents.  Frosting was used on the manes and tails, along with the flat base that the pair of clear horses is attached to.  The 2001 Wild Horses is just over 13” long and is about 5 ½” tall.  Swarovski assigned the part number 7607 000 003 and system number 236 720 to the 2001 Wild Horses.

Like all the previous Swarovski NLE, the Wild Horses came in a grey leather-like suitcase, with gloves and a cleaning cloth.  This suitcase lock for this figurine does not use a key like previous NLE cases (Eagle and Peacock).  This was more convenient to avoid issues with key loss, as well as it being more secure with 2 separate latches.  Additionally, this figurine is accompanied by an official signed Swarovski certificate that includes the unique sequence number that matches the laser-engraved number in the base of the Wild Horses.  A full color presentation book was also included in the box

The Wild Horses has a separate black wooden stand to make the figurine a bit more stable.  Swarovski also used the concept of a separate display stand for 4 NLE.  (I never cared for the display stands as this blocked light in my crystal cabinet making it more difficult to enjoy figurines displayed on shelves below the stands.)

The Numbered Limited Edition Swarovski Wild Horses had the 2nd highest original MSRP of $4000, outdone only by the Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros in 2008 at $4125.  On the secondary market, the Wild Horses is out-performing all the other Swarovski NLE, presently selling at $3900 – $4700 for recent transactions.

If you want to own the unique Swarovski crystal masterpiece, the Swarovski Wild Horses, available only to SCS members in 2001, Crystal Exchange America does have a few available.  Simply visit their online store at and then navigate to the Collector Society / SCS category, then SCS Annual & Limited Editions.

Oct 182011

Across the numerous Swarovski Crystal product lines, we find only a handful of figurines and statues that utilize the Stallion motif:  one sold-out Stallion, two retired Swarovski stallions and two stallions that can be purchased directly from the crystal giant.

Swarovski Crystal Myriad Arabian Stallion

Swarovski Crystal Myriad Arabian Stallion

The Swarovski Amurath is a Crystal Myriad statue designed by Elisabeth Adamer.  Like its Crystal Myriad counterparts, the Amurath Arabian Stallion is an intricate, luxurious statue.   The Amurath Stallion is a Swarovski NLE of 300 units, each utilizing over 32,000 hand-set crystals.  Due to the fragile nature and production time to decorate and attach the stones, this Swarovski stallion was built when orders were placed for it.  This Crystal Myriad Stallion was introduced in 2010, and since has sold out despite the original price tag of $8,000.

The other Swarovski Stallion designs are the Swarovski Arabian Stallion, Swarovski White Stallion, and Swarovski Stallion, and Swarovski Satin Stallion.


Swarovski Arabian Stallion Horse

Swarovski Arabian Stallion


The Swarovski Arabian Stallion, designed by Martin Zendron, was assigned Swarovski reference #’s : 7612 000 002 / 221 609.  It was available from 1998 to 2005 and is marked with the familiar Swarovski Swan logo.  The retail price at the time of availability was $265.  In 2011, on the secondary market, it generally sells in the $200- $300 price range.



Swarovski White Stallion Horse

Swarovski White Stallion



The Swarovski White Stallion, designed by Martin Zendron, was assigned Swarovski reference #’s : 7612 000 001 / 174 958.  It was available from 1993 to 2005 and is marked with the familiar Swarovski Swan logo.  The retail price at the time of availability was $265.  In 2011, on the secondary market, it generally sells in the $100- $225 price range.


Swarovski Stallion

Swarovski Stallion

The Swarovski Stallion, designed by Stefanie Nederegger, was assigned Swarovski reference #’s : 9100 000 068 / 898 508.  It was released in 2007 and can still be purchased on the crystal brand’s web site for $400. The Swarovski designer was Stefanie Nederegger.  This stallion is marked with the familiar Swarovski Swan logo.



Swarovski Crystal Satin Stallion

Soulmate Satin Stallion


The Swarovski Satin Stallion, designed by Heinz Tabertshofer , was assigned Swarovski reference #’s : 9600 000 155 / 1 074 793.  It was released in 2011 and is available on the crystal brand’s web site for $960.  This stallion, which is a part of the Swarovski Soulmates collection,  is marked with the familiar Swarovski Swan logo.



Whether you are among the many stallion fanatic or crystal fanatics, these beautiful horse figurines may be something you would be interested to purchase.  The retired stallions are smaller in size than the current stallions.  They are approximately 4.25” long or tall (For comparison, the Stallion is about 5.75” long and the Satin Stallion is about 8.5” tall.)   The retired Swarovski stallions also have a much lower price tag than the current stallions and can be found at .  Use the search feature with the keyword “stallion” to locate them in the store of this reputable Swarovski dealer.

Jul 282011

Horse fanatics and crystal fanatics will be happy to hear that our favorite crystal brand is coming out with a colored version of the Foals crystal figurine called Swarovski Foals Playing in the fall!

First, I’m going to tell you about the Swarovski Foals.  These sweet baby horses were designed by Martin Zendron.  They were introduced in 2003 and presently retail for $380.  These clear crystal horses have frosted accents for the horses’ manes and tails.

What I found on two different sites is a colorful variation of the Swarovski Foals. The crystal figurine is called Swarovski Foals Playing.  The Foals Playing is an identical design to the Foals, except that one of the baby horses is like a coffee-brown in color.  Even the clear horse has the brownish accents on the mane and tail.  The Swarovski system # for the new figurine is 1121627.

Since the Foals are in the Peaceful Countryside theme group, I am assuming that the new Foals Playing will be in the same theme group.  My source web sites indicate that this figurine will be available near September, 2011.

The veteran designer Martin Zendron is credited with several other Swarovski Horse figurines:

When Crystal Exchange America has listings for this baby horses Swarovski Foals Playing figurine, it will be found in the Animals category of the online store:

Jun 172011

Swarovski has announced to its SCS members about a new Soulmates Horse introduction, the Swarovski Satin Stallion.

Swarovski Soulmates Satin Stallion

This Swarovski crystal horse was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer.  It is made of satin crystal (like the limited edition Swarovski Satin Hare), and attached to a granite base, similar to the other Soulmates figurines.  There is no mention of price, but many Soulmates figurines retail $800 – $1500 depending on the crystal figurine.  Information obtained from a web site of an authorized retailer indicates that the price may be approximately $1025 USD.

The crystal brand has produced a number of Swarovski horses since 2000:

  • Swarovski The Horse by Mario Dilitz – 7685 000 009 / 660 218
  • Swarovski Arabian Stallion by Martin Zendron – 7612 000 002 / 221 609
  • Swarovski White Stallion by Martin Zendron –  7612 000 001 / 174 958
  • Swarovski Mare by Stefanie Nederegger – 9100 000 045 / 860 864
  • 2 different Swarovski Zodiac Horse figurines – 7693 000 005 / 289 908 and 9100 000 133 / 995 744
  • 3 Swarovski Lovlots Horses – Jade, Limited Edition (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 294 / 1 073 338, Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 1 073 336, and Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 1 079 474

All the Swarovski Horse figurines are retired or retiring in 2011 except for one of the Zodiac Horses and the 3 Lovlots Horses, which were just released in March 2011.

One of the largest horse figurines was the Swarovski Wild Horses, which was a limited edition figurine available in 2001.  Only 10,000 were produced.  Designed by Martin Zendron, it had a retail price of $4000 in 2001.

If you are a horse lover, check out the Crystal Exchange America web site at  and look in the ‘Animals’ category of the store for availability on any of the horse figurines.   The Wild Horses figurine would be found in the Limited Editions category.

Feb 082011

Swarovski fanatics will be excited about the upcoming release of the new Swarovski Jade, the Lovlots 2011 Limited Edition!

Swarovski Jade is a Dancing Horse, part of the new Swarovski Lovlots Circus series.  Swarovski Jade is a limited edition crystal figurine available only in 2011. A cute photo of Swarovski Jade and more information regarding launch date (March 7, 2011) is available at the Swarovski web site.

Other Swarovski Lovlots Circus crystal figures that go with Jade, the Swarovski dancing horse, are: Swarovski Benny Bunny, Swarovski Jasmine Dancing Horse, Swarovski Leo Lion, Swarovski Rolly Monkey, Swarovski Rosalie Dancing Horse,  Swarovski Toby Elephant,  and Swarovski Tony Elephant.

Pictures of eight Swarovski Lovlots Circus figurines can be found at the Swarovski web site.  The site also states that they should be available in the online shop for purchase in March of 2011.  There is no mention of the price on any of them.

The Swarovski Lovlots Circus is the 4th series of adorable Lovlots figurines.  The other Swarovski Lovlots are series include: Swarovski City Park, Swarovski House of Cats, and Swarovski Gang of Dogs.  Another “unofficial series” are the Lovlots Pioneers which are initial group of Lovlots figurines.
The crystal brand has previously offered Swarovski Limited Editions in the Lovlots series product line:
  • Ziggy, (Woodpecker)  – Swarovski LE from City Park
  • Theo (Cat) – Swarovski LE from House of Cats
  • Violetta (Poodle) – Swarovski LE  from Gang of Dogs

Other special limited edition Swarovski Lovlots include: Shady (Swarovski LE 2006), Pinky Mo (Swarovski LE 2007), Swarovski Soccer Mo (Swarovski LE 2008), Swarovski Flower Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Halloween Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Swarovski Country Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), Swarovski Glamour Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), and Swarovski Charming Mo (Swarovski LE 2011).  The limited edition year in engraved on the bottom of these Swarovski Lovlots crystal issues.

If your Swarovski collection is missing a retired Swarovski Lovlots figurine, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection available. They have figurines from all four series in addition to the special limited edition Lovlots.