Jul 102012

We have terrific news for bird fanatics and Swarovski crystal collectors….the Swarovski Gouldian Finches are available for purchase in the Swarovski online shoppe!

Gouldian Finches

Swarovski Gouldian Finches

I can’t say that I have previously heard of this particular breed of bird.  But oh my….they are so beautiful!  The male Gouldian Finch’s colors are so vibrant.  It’s not a wonder that these birds are also known as the Rainbow Finch.

The Swarovski Gouldian Finches are 2 brightly colored birds, perched on a silver-colored metal stand.  The bird pair stands about 4 ½ inches tall.  The Gouldian Finches are in the Swarovski Paradise product line, which is where the same product line that includes many of the other colored-bird crystal figurines.  The article number for the Swarovski Gouldian Finches is 1141675. The crystal brand gives Dominic Schöpf credit for the stunning design of these newest rainbow birds.  While the Swarovski Peridot Gouldian Finches retail for $690,  something tells me that they are completely worth it looking at the image in the online shoppe!

The Swarovski Gouldian Finches would look great displayed with other Swarovski Birds.  If you are a bird lover and crystal collector, check out the discount and retired Swarovski birds available at Crystal Exchange America!

Jun 292012

2012 is the 25th anniversary of the Swarovski Crystal Society (better known as the Swarovski SCS).   According to the crystal brand, there are over 300,000 members in their exclusive Swarovski club.  Swarovski is commemorating the event with some special figurines, including the Swarovski Jubilee Dragon.   Kristall Buzz is going to join in on the celebration featuring articles on the Swarovski Annual Editions over the next couple of months.  Swarovski Lovebirds are the feature crystal figure of this article.

Togetherness Lovebirds - Swarovski SCS 1987 Annual Edition

Swarovski SCS Lovebirds - Togetherness, 1987 Annual Edition

The Swarovski Lovebirds were available for purchase only in 1987 for collectors who were members in the Swarovski SCS.  At that time, SCS was an acronym for Swarovski Collectors Society.  The Swarovski SCS was begun in 1987 only in the English-speaking countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and South Africa.  As a result, the distribution channel for the Togetherness Lovebirds was much more limited than it is today.

The Swarovski Togetherness Lovebirds stands just over 4” tall.  It is a figurine with 2 clear birds, somewhat looking at each other.  They have frosted beaks and are perched on a frosted branch.

Following the release of the Swarovski Lovebirds, two Swarovski designers were given credit for this beautiful design:  Adi Stocker and Max Schreck.  ‘Togetherness’ is the only figurine designed by 2 Swarovski artists.  For about 10 years, either designer was permitted to sign the crystal figurine (at designer signing events).  But in 1998, Swarovski decided to give full credit of the Togetherness design to Max Schreck and Adi Stocker was no longer permitted to sign it.

The SCS Lovebirds does contain what the crystal brand calls the ‘backstamp / bottomstamp’, which is included for the sake of authenticity.  Looking closely at the underside of the frosted base, the designer’s initials “MS” and the year “87” can be seen.

The Lovebirds were known using the Swarovski part number DO1X861, and years later the system number 013 560 was revealed, so it can be identified using either number.

The Swarovski Lovebirds is one of three crystal figurines in the Swarovski Caring and Sharing trilogy.

Other Swarovski Lovebird designs include the Swarovski Baby Lovebirds, which were produced 1996 – 2011.

A special thanks to Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Lovebirds article.

The SCS Swarovski Lovebirds retailed for $150 USD in 1987.  The purchase price included the crystal figurine, a custom box for the figurine, and a Swarovski COA (certificate of authenticity).    While the resale price of the Swarovski Lovebirds spiked to over $4000 shortly after 2000, a mint condition figurine, complete with original packaging can generally be purchased on the secondary market for $2300 – $2700, from Swarovski expert dealers, like Crystal Exchange America.

May 302012

May 29, 2012, our favorite crystal brand officially released the Swarovski Bubble Mo for purchase in their online shoppe.

The Swarovski Mo herd is excited to welcome the new blue cow to the Lovlots family.  The Mo Herd presently consists of….

Swarovski Bubble Mo, New Blue Cow

Swarovski Bubble Mo, Lovlots Blue Cow, Limited Edition 2012

  • Swarovski Alabaster Mo (2007 Exclusive Edition)
  • Swarovski Belle Mo (2010 – 2012)
  • Swarovski Bubble Mo, Limited Edition 2012
  • Swarovski Charming Mo, Limited Edition 2011
  • Swarovski Country Mos, Limited Edition 2010
  • Swarovski Flower Mo, Limited Edition 2009
  • Swarovski Glamour Mos, Limited Edition 2010
  • Swarovski Halloween Mo, Limited Edition 2009
  • Swarovski Lucky Mo, Limited Edition 2012
  • Swarovski Missy Mo (2006 – 2012)
  • Swarovski Missy Mo, Large (2006 – 2009)
  • Swarovski Pinky Mo, Limited Edition 2007
  • Swarovski Santa Mo, Limited Edition 2011
  • Swarovski Soccer Mo, Limited Edition 2008
  • Swarovski Sunshine Mo, Limited Edition 2011

On the crystal brand’s web site, they state that Limited Edition Swarovski Bubble Mo will be limited to 10 per person.  This guideline is in place to ensure that many collectors can purchase them directly from Swarovski at original retail price of $65.  If there were no maximum quantity in place (as has long been the practice on the Swarovski Mo figurines), they can be quickly found in the online auctions at higher prices, which does not make dedicated collectors very happy.

Swarovski Bubble Mo blue cow is about 1 ¾” height.  The company uses these colors in their official product description: Scuba Blue, Air Blue Opal, and Lavender crystal.  Swarovski mentions that the laser engraved bubbles are symbolic of “bubbles of excitement” in the product description.

Collectors wanting any of the retired or discontinued cow Swarovski Mo figurines can likely find them at Crystal Exchange America in the ‘Lovlots and Zodiac’ category of the store.

I’m placing my order today for the Limited Edition Lovlots Bubble Mo.  I hope she is as cute in person as she looks online!

Mar 072012

Yesterday, here on the Kristall Buzz, we posted about a 2012 Limited Edition Swarovski Wild Cat that will be available in April.  This Swarovski Lime Panther is a special online release, likely with a price tag of around $1000.  Swarovski has another 2012 wild cat figurine that in the Swarovski shoppe and it appears to be available now!  It is the Swarovski Jaguar.

Swarovski Wild Cat Jaguar Crystal Figurine

Swarovski Jaguar in 2012

The Swarovski Jaguar is a crystal golden shadow wild cat.  It is approximately 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches high.  The Swarovski designer for the jaguar is Stefanie Nederegger.  The crystal brand’s identification #’s for this figurine are 9100 000 344 and 1096796.  The MSRP for this wild cat is $420 USD.  The jaguar is naturally accented with the familiar wild cat pattern seen on these exotic animals and is standing on a matte finish base.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced other wild cat figurines, such as several Swarovski Tigers, Swarovski Lions, and Swarovski Panthers, but none are decorated quite like this one.  I have to say, this looks like a ‘must have’ wild cat for my collection.

Swarovski collectors seeking the retired wild cats, can find many on the Crystal Exchange America web site.  Simply look in the Swarovski Animals category in their online store.

Dec 312011

So now, with less than 24 hours til 2012, many Swarovski fanatics have already heard that the 2012 SCS Annual Edition is going to be a Whale named Paikea.  For those that did not know, here are the details about Swarovski Paikea from the Swarovski online shoppe.

The Swarovski 2012 annual edition is a crystal whale that measures 4 3/4 x 6 3/8 inches.  The Swarovski system number is 1095228. The MSRP of the Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale is $530.  Swarovski Paikea is made of shadow crystal with crystal moonlight fins.  The whale is leaping over a wave and includes a title plaque, which is in the shape of a wave.  The designer of Paikea the humpback whale is Stefanie Nederegger.

Swarovski has begun providing personalities and naming the annual editions….Siku the Polar Bear (siku from ‘ice’).  And now Paikea (meaning tame whale), which also has an interesting origin.   This one is a bit longer more difficult to pronounce (PY keh ah).

Here are links to a few pictures posted on the internet and the Swarovski 2012 Whale on ebay

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale (Amazon)

Swarovski 2012 Humpback Whale

Swarovski Paikea Whale (Swarovski)


Swarovski SCS Whale

Swarovski SCS Whale (Swarovski)


The Swarovski SCS Paikea Whale appears very powerful in this 2012 annual edition representation.  A Swarovski SCS Young Whale, also designed by Stefanie Nederegger, is available to members as an optional purchase.  The system # for the Swarovski Young Whale is 1096741 and it has an MSRP of $180.

Swarovski previously produced a whale as an SCS figurine.  The former Swarovski SCS Whales was available in 1992.  This crystal figurine was a mother and baby whale atop an ocean wave. This SCS whale was designed by Michael Stamey and was a part of the ‘Mother and Child’ trilogy.  Retailing for $265, this Swarovski crystal figurine generally sells in the range of $350 – $400 at present day.

Here’s looking forward to a happy, safe, and healthy new year.  I’m looking forward to getting the Swarovski Paikea for my Swarovski collection!

Dec 152011

I’m starting to see the 2012 Swarovski releases on the web.  There are a number pictures appearing at authorized retailer websites in North America and in Europe, so the release must be just around the corner.

Swarovski Lovlots Lucky Mo

The Swarovski Lucky Mo (green cow) looks like a fun crystal figurine.  Lovlots Lucky Mo is a light green ‘Mo figurine’ decorated with 2-color 4 leaf clovers, green hearts, and a tiny red ladybug on the hind end!  Descriptions indicate that this is a Swarovski Lovlots limited edition available in 2012, much like Swarovski Sunshine Mo or Swarovski Santa Mo are/were available in 2011.  The height of Lucky Mo is 1.75” and retail price is $65.  The Swarovski identification # for Lucky Mo is 1096750.  I’m wondering if it is the same light green shade as Swarovski Flower Mo, or if there is a different variation of green.  Swarovski Flower Mo is decorated with flowers vs the lucky clovers on the newest cow mo.

The crystal giant has produced a number of other (mostly limited edition) Swarovski Mo figurines, dating back to 2006.

One of the Swarovski stores taking pre-orders is “Crystal Classics” in Columbus, Ohio, but there are a number of them on the internet.  The Swarovski Lucky Mo green cow appears to be a real cutie.  It would make a great gift for St Patricks Day or even a cute 4-H award.  So you go girl….Lucky Mo, go join your Swarovski crystal sisters in the Lovlots pastures!

Sep 062011

Swarovski introduced a cute Kris Bear figurine holding his skis and poles in 1999.  The official name of the crystal figurine is “Kris Bear with Skis”.

The Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis was produced with 2 different variations, but both recognized with the same Swarovski part number 7637 000 004 and system numbers 234 710.   Kris Bear with Skis was designed by Martin Zendron, and it retailed for $85.  While the Kris Bear tradition continues, the Kris Bear with Skis figurine was ultimately retired in 2004.

Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski crystal fanatics are probably asking about the history and reasoning of the variations on the Kris Bear with Skis figurines.

Viewing the picture, collectors can see that the figurine with the crystal disc base is likely to be more stable and less likely to tip over.  It is widely believed that this is the reason that the base was added to the Swarovski Kris Bear with Skis figurine.

So how long was the variation without the base produced?  The production time or quantity is unknown.  The theory is that the unsteadiness was discovered fairly early, and the ones without the base may have been samples for Swarovski representatives to take to the retail stores and the remainder of the first bulk production ended up on store shelves.  One thing for sure, the Kris Bear with Skis (no base) is a Swarovski HTF figurine, and it does command higher prices on the secondary market.

Swarovski Swan logo on Kris Bear with Skis

Swarovski Swan logo

When crystal figurines appear on the market in multiple variations, collectors sometimes wonder about authenticity and counterfeiting.   Both variations of the Kris Bear with Skis would not likely be counterfeited simply by removing/adding a base.  This is because of the location of the Swarovski Swan logo on the figurine.  For the variation without the base, the swan logo is directly on the foot.  For the variation with the base, the swan logo is on the base.  Taking a crystal figurine, and carefully removing the base would result in a figurine without the swan logo at all.  For this particular Swarovski figurine, a Kris Bear with Skis (no base variation), this should raise a BIG RED FLAG as being altered (base removed).

If I were to purchase the Swarovski Kris Bear with figurines for myself or as a gift, I would select the one with the base.  I would not want one that would be more likely to tip over and break, complicated by the fact that it would be more difficult to replace.

If you are looking for any of the retired Kris Bear crystal figurines, Crystal Exchange America has nearly 70 available for purchase.  Swarovski Kris Bear figurines.  They can be found in the “Other Silver Crystal” category, “Toys” subcategory.

Aug 312011

The Swarovski brand has used more than 60 designers for their renowned crystal figurines.  Surely, there are many other talents individuals who contribute to these creative crystal designs, but commonly, only a single individual is credited for the majority of the figurine designs.

Swarovski Designer Elisabeth Adamer

Elisabeth Adamer

Elisabeth Adamer is a Swarovski artist that joined the design team in 2004.  But prior to that, Elisabeth Adamer’s education includes four years of vocational school for arts and crafts in Innsbruck and a higher education program at the Glasfachschule Kramsach. She graduated from this specialized glass arts school with a degree in Design in 2002.

Elisabeth Adamer credits her sister, an avid collector, for her introduction into Swarovski.  She states that animals have been an important part of her life, and recently taken interest in the underwater world.

Elisabeth Adamer has been recognized with 26 Swarovski crystal figurine designs from 2004 through 2011.

  • 2006 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Brother Bear, Mother Bear, and Sister Bear
  • 2007 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Goat, Goat Kid, Rose Blossom, and Roses
  • 2008 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Gnu, Hoopes, and Christmas Kris Bear
  • 2009 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Air Ornament, Christmas Kris Bear, Galapagos Tortoise, and Black Diamond Woodpeckers
  • 2010 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Smoky Quartz Batfish, Bee-eaters, Fire Ornament, Scuba Blue Surgeonfish, SCS Tiger, SCS Sitting Tiger Cub, and SCS Standing Tiger Cub
  • 2011 Elisabeth Adamer designs: Topaz Sea Goldies

Elisabeth Adamer was also credited with three Swarovski NLE designs:

  • Amurath  – Limited Edition Arabian Stallion, production limited to 300 units
  • Alsaqur Alamake   – Limited Edition Falcon, production limited to 300 units
  • Kiran Tiger – Limited Edition Tiger, production limited to 33 units which were primarily for fund-raising
Swarovski Topaz Sea Goldies by Elisabeth Adamer

Swarovski Topaz Sea Goldies


Nine of the Elisabeth Adamer designs are still considered current, and can be found in the online Swarovski Shoppe:  Limited Edition Alsaqur Alamake. Rose Blossom, Gnu, Hoopoes, Black Diamond Woodpeckers, Smoky Quartz Batfish, Bee-eaters, Scuba Blue Surgeonfish, and Topaz Sea Goldies.

Of all the Elisabeth Adamer designs, I like the Swarovski Sea Goldies.  I enjoy snorkeling to see the brilliantly colored salt-water fish, and this crystal piece reminds me of the good times I’ve had snorkeling.

Great figurines Elisabeth …can’t wait to see more ‘Underwater’ Swarovski designs!



Aug 132011

The Swarovski brand has employed over 60 designers for their famous crystal figurines.  Of course there are talented people who contribute to these incredible crystal creations, but for the most part, only one person is credited for the bulk of the figurines.

Swarovski Designer Dominic Schöpf

Dominic Schöpf

Dominic Schöpf  joined the Swarovski design team in 2005.  He believes “inspiration can be found everywhere” and accordingly, loves to walk enjoying nature, and visiting animals at the zoo.

Dominic Schöpf has been credited with seven Swarovski crystal figurines which are found in the Silver Crystal, Lovlots, and Crystal Paradadise product lines. The list of designs below is ordered by launch date includes the Swarovski product name, the system number, and launch year.  All these designs are still current and can be found in the online Swarovski shoppe.

Of all the Dominic Schöpf figurines, I like the Swarovski French Angelfish (pictured above) the best. I think the contrast of black and gold on the tropical fish is attractive. Terrific creations Dominic…what designs might we see on the horizon?

Jul 312011

The crystal giant Swarovski has credited over 60 designers for their famous crystal figurines.  There are certainly many other talented individuals who contribute to these fantastic crystal designs, but generally, only a single individual is credited for the majority of the figurine designs.

Peter Heidegger followed in the footsteps of his father (who also worked for Swarovski), joining the company in 1990.  Early on, he was responsible for product and presentation displays, and later head of packaging.  (Sounds like he might have worked on Swarovski boxes ???) Peter Heidegger joined the design team in 2006.

Swarovski Designer Peter Heidegger

Peter Heidegger

Reading the Peter Heidegger interview on the Swarovski web site, I it seems he may be a kid at heart.  He enjoys adding humor, wit, and fantasy to his work (I interpreted this to mean ‘designs’, but I suppose this could be ‘every day job’.)  Seeing that he likes animation, I’m not a bit surprised about the cute Lovlots figurines that he is credited with….that seems like a natural fit.   He indicates he is hopeful to work on designs in the Lovlots line, Disney, and Muppets (if that would ever materialize).

Peter Heidegger has been credited with 11 Swarovski crystal figurine designs since his move to the design team within the company.  The list of designs below is ordered by launch date and consists of the Swarovski product name, then the system number.  On the line below is the year of introduction along with the Swarovski product line and group.  All these designs are still current and can be found in the online Swarovski shoppe.

  • Swarovski KoalasSwarovski ‘Surprise Gift‘ – 905788
    Introduced in 2008 and in the Crystal Moments ‘Little Messengers’
  • Swarovski Koalas – 955423
    Introduced in 2009 and in the Silver Crystal ‘ Rare Encounters’
  • Swarovski Emily – 955045
    Introduced in 2009 and in the Lovlots ‘House of Cats’
  • Swarovski Max – 1039544
    Introduced in 2010 and in the Lovlots ‘City Park’
  • Swarovski Hare – 1089876
    Introduced in 2011 and in Silver Crystal ‘Peaceful Countryside’
  • Swarovski Hare (Limited Edition) – 1089977
    Introduced in 2011 and in Silver Crystal (Online Limited Edition)
  • Swarovski Limited Edition JadeSwarovski Jade (Limited Edition Dancing Horse) – 1073338
    Introduced in 2011 and in the Lovlots ‘Circus’
  • Swarovski Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 1079474
    Introduced in 2011 and in the Lovlots ‘Circus’
  • Swarovski Leo (Lion) – 1079591
    Introduced in 2011 and in the Lovlots ‘Circus’
  • Swarovski Rolly (Monkey) – 1086116
    Introduced in 2011 and in the Lovlots ‘Circus’
  • Swarovski Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 1073336
    Introduced in 2011 and in the Lovlots ‘Circus’

Of all the Peter Heidegger designs, my favorite one is the Koalas…I have always found them to be absolutely adorable.  However, I also really like the kitty Lovlots Emily and Lovlots Jade.  I like Emily’s vibrant color with the cute butterfly resting atop her ear.  And Jade’s rainbow-like coat is magical.  Wonderful figurines Peter…looking forward to seeing your more designs!

Jul 292011

Swarovski produces and markets a group of crystal duck figurines in the Crystal Moments product line.  This group is called the Swarovski Happy Ducks.  Presently, there are just over 15 Happy Ducks in the Swarovski crystal badelynge.

Two of my favorites are Swarovski Sunny Steve and Swarovski Sunny Sam.  These Happy Ducks love the sun and ocean, and are enjoying their party on the beach.

Swarovski Sunny Steve (left) and Swarovski Sunny Sam (right)

Swarovski Sunny Sam was a limited edition.  The crystal brand did a one-time production run to manufacture their supply.  It was released in 2010, and as of July, 2011, it no longer appears on the Swarovski web site.  Sunny Sam’s accessories include silver ‘shades’ and a red-and-white life preserver.  The designer for Sunny Sam is Verena Castelein.  The Swarovski crystal identification numbers for Sunny Sam are 9400 000 262 / 1041295.

Swarovski Sunny Steve is a new release in 2011.  It is not presently advertised with any wording of limitations, so I assume it is a normal product release.  Sunny Steve’s accessories include a faux shark-tooth necklace, black ‘shades’, and a surfboard decorated with pastel flowers.  The surfboard includes the catchy phrase: ‘Be faster than the shark’.  The designer for Sunny Steve is Verena Castelein.  The Swarovski crystal identification numbers for Sunny Steve are 9400 000 347 / 1096743.

Both Sunny Steve and Sunny Sam retail(ed) for $120 USD.  They are both yellow (officially light topaz) in color.  Both Happy Ducks are approximately 2.25″ in length.

I think that Sunny Steve and Sunny Sam need girlfriends.  My suggestions are…

  • Sunny Sophie for Sunny Steve.  Sunny Sophie should have a beach umbrella to avoid sunburn.
  • Sunny Sirena for Sunny Sam.  Sunny Sirena should have a beach ball for more ‘fun in the sun’.

Stay cool this summer like these Swarovski Happy Ducks….I’m melting here in southwest Ohio….something like 12 consecutive days of 90 degrees Fahrenheight with a heat index over 100 degrees every day.

Check out the official Swarovski brand web site if you are looking to add Swarovski Sunny Steve to your crystal collection.  Check out the Crystal Exchange America web site in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category to find the Sunny Sam figurines available for purchase.

Jul 202011

The Swarovski brand has employed over 60 designers for their famous crystal figurines.  There are certain to be many other talented individuals who contribute to these fantastic crystal designs, but generally, only a single individual is credited for the majority of the figurine designs.

Swarovski Designer Stefanie Nederegger

Stefanie Nederegger

Stefanie Nederegger is a Swarovski artist that joined the design team in 2004.  Her education included coursework at Innsbruck HTL and training at the College of Glassmaking and Design in Kramsach.  According to information on the official Swarovski web site, Swarovski has always had some influence in her life since they are so well known Wattens and Tyrol.

Stefanie Nederegger thinks it would be interesting to transform any type of animal into crystal figurines because of the ‘play on form and facets’.  She also likes colored accents to make crystal ‘vibrant and give it harmony’.

Stefanie Nederegger has been credited with ten Swarovski crystal figurine designs since she began with the company.  Five of the designs are in the Silver Crystal product line, four designs are for figurines in the Swarovski Lovlots product line, and one design in the Crystal Paradise line.  The list below is ordered by launch date and consists of the product name, then Swarovski system number, followed by launch and retirement years.

Swarovski Soulmates Satin Stallion

Swarovski Stallion

Of all the Stefanie Nederegger designs, my favorite one is the Lovlots figurine Camille.  I like Camille’s copper color, and I like cats.  Great figurines Stefanie…looking forward to seeing your next designs!

May 302011

The Swarovski Sunshine Mo is now available for purchase at the Swarovski web site. This Limited Edition Lovlots Cow retails for $65.  Sunshine Mo is another one of those Swarovski Limited Editions that ‘is available ‘while supplies last’….no total production quantity mentioned and only a cutoff order date of 2011.

Swarovski Lovlots Sunshine Mo

Swarovski Sunshine Mo

The Sunshine Mo crystal cow looks delightful.  According to Swarovski’s description, she is vibrant jonquil  figurine with peridot crystal horns and light smoked topaz crystal ears wearing beautiful necklace in a stunning gradation of tropical crystal colors.

The Swarovski Mo family is expanding and starting to become a small Swarovski LE herd. I can just imagine all the Swarovski Mo figurine family planning a little party inside my crystal cabinet…some nice party music, frozen daiquiris, all having a good time.  Pinky Mo (Swarovski LE 2007), Alabaster Mo (Swarovski LE 2007), Soccer Mo (Swarovski LE 2008), Flower Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Halloween Mo (Swarovski LE 2009), Country Mos (Swarovski LE 2010, Glamour Mos (Swarovski LE 2010), and Charming Mo (Swarovski LE 2011) will all be in attendance.

Crystal Exchange America has listings for many of the Swarovski Mo Cows and Swarovski Lovlots special editions.  Just visit http://www.crystalexchange.com/ and navigate to the Limited Edition Swarovski category in the menu on the left side of the web site.

Apr 192011

Our favorite crystal giant is hosting several Swarovski Events, with Swarovski designers in attendance to sign their creations.  Swarovski designers scheduled to attend are Anton Hirzinger and Elisabeth Adamer.

Anton Hirzinger has created over 120 Swarovski figurines.  This Swarovski designer is credited for the following 2010 and 2011 Swarovski crystal releases:  Swarovski Arctic Hare 2011 SCS, Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs White Opal SCS, Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs Crystal Moonlight SCS, Swarovski Arctic Flower Ornament, Swarovski Siku Polar Bear 2011 SCS, Swarovski Soulmates Bear, Swarovski Lovlots Nick (Hedgehog), Swarovski Lovlots Spike (Hedgehog), Swarovski Lovlots Romeo (Frog), Swarovski Lovlots Ted (Bear), and Swarovski Soulmates Swan.  A longer list of the Swarovski Anton Hirzinger designs can be found at the Swarovski site (but does not include the Crystal Moments figurines).

Elisabeth Adamer is credited with about 25 designs from 2006 to 2011. This Swarovski designer is credited
for the following 2010 and 2011 Swarovski crystal releases: Swarovski Sea Goldies Topaz, Swarovski Surgeonfish Scuba Blue, Swarovski Batfish Smoky Quartz, Swarovski Myriad Alsaqr Alamake (Limited Edition), Swarovski Tiger 2010 SCS, Swarovski Tiger Kiran, Swarovski Fire Ornament, Swarovski Tiger Cub Standing SCS, Tiger Cub Sitting SCS, and Swarovski Bee-eaters.  A complete list of the Swarovski Elisabeth Adamer designs can be found at the Swarovski site.

I was able to confirm the following events being held in Florida in April, 2011:

  • Friday, April 22, 2011 5:00 – 8:00pm
4200 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839
  • Saturday, April 23, 2011 3:00 – 5:00pm
1067 S Clark Rd
Ocoee, FL  34761
  • Monday, April 25, 2011 5:00 – 8:00pm
Independent Retailers: Euraisa, The Pewter Place, Best Wishes of Boca
Location: Mariott North
6650 North Andrews Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL  33308
  • Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:00 – 8:00pm
2394 A East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
I don’t know what all the rules are about having Swarovski figurines signed, so it is recommended that you contact the stores directly regarding them.   Questions to ask could include:
  • Can you bring your own Swarovski figurines, or do they need to be purchased the day of the event from the hosting store?
  • Will the Swarovski designers sign retired Swarovski crystal?  If not, then only 2011 introductions will be signed.  Often, it must be a current design.
  • Is there a maximum quantity that you can have signed?  Often, it is limited to two figurines per customer.
  • Are any special purchases required, or can you attend simply to meet the designer and have a piece signed?

Swarovski figurines bearing the designer’s signature do typically command higher prices on the Swarovski secondary market.  Crystal Exchange America presently has over 100 items available that feature Swarovski designer signatures.

Mar 312011

Crystal Exchange America has a client with a few extra Swarovski Country Mos to sell quickly.  So to assist in the clients wishes, Crystal Exchange is running a promotion with a coupon valid specifically on the Swarovski Country Mo Lovlots cows.

Swarovski Limited Edition Country Mo Cows

The Country Mos is a pair of Swarovski Limited Edition Cows in the Swarovski Lovlots product line that was available online only in 2010.  The Swarovski Country Mos are clear with brown or black spots and horns matching the spots.  The bells on the cows are a golden color.  The original retail price of the Swarovski cows was $105 + shipping.

The following coupon code ‘kbuzzcow3′ can be used during checkout to save $25 on the already attractive prices of the Swarovski Country Mos.  The coupon is good for the purchase on Swarovski Country Mos only and does expire April 30, 2011.  Purchase several pair and create your very own Swarovski Country Mo Cow herd!

Crystal Exchange America has all the Swarovski Limited Edition Mo crystals on their web site if you are looking for any of the other Swarovski Mo figurines, such as: Swarovski Pinky Mo (2007), Swarovski Flower Mo (2008), Swarovski Soccer Mo(2008), Swarovski Halloween Mo (2009), and Swarovski Glamour Mos (2010).  They also have other special Limited Edition Lovlots in the store, simply look in the Limited Editions category at http://www.crystalexchange.com/